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    31 Things From Target For Anyone Who Wants A Neater Home In 2022

    People won't even know you have stuff (but you definitely do).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A kitchen cabinet shelf to make better use of that empty vertical space in your cabinets — no more awkwardly trying to stack mugs on top of each other.

    the light wood shelf with mugs and plates

    2. A hair tools organizer with hidden magnets so you can attach your small bobby pins and barrettes — no more losing them in the bottom corners of a container!

    the wooden organizer with metal and wood slots

    3. A set of paperboard drawers that'll be a nice accent on a bookshelf or table ~and also~ hold any documents or random items you might need to have on hand.

    the pink drawers slightly pulled out

    4. A big jar because it's a big jar! I mean look at it! What can't you put in there?

    the jar full of flour on a countertop

    5. A container lid organizer to take away some of the chaos in the cabinet that holds all of your containers. Say goodbye to searching for ten minutes just to find a lid that fits!

    the white organizer on a blue shelf with blue lids

    6. A lift-top coffee table because it's basically a triple threat: it can store a ton of stuff, it keeps everything hidden, and you can use it as a desk or table when it's lifted. What more could you need?

    the white table with brown top lifted, full of decor and books

    7. A drawer organizer that's especially handy for underwear and socks, but also works great for Marie Kondo-style shirt rollers.

    one disorganized drawer underneath a neat drawer with the dividers

    8. A hanging shoe organizer usable for way more than just shoes — people use these puppies to store snacks, hold plant seedlings, and so much more.

    the grey hanging organizer over an entryway door

    9. A roll-out fridge caddy so you can easily access the back of your fridge. No more forgetting about that one jar of pickles in the back corner only to stumble upon it months after it has expired. 🤢

    the clear bin with a few dressings in it

    10. A makeup organizer to turn your vanity from drab to ~totally Instagrammable~ in a flash.

    the clear and gold organizer full of makeup

    11. An interlocking drawer organizer set for utensils, stationery, and more. You can move it around to fit whatever you'd like.

    the white containers

    12. A decorative storage basket so you can corral all your essentials. Whether they're in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, or the bedroom, this box will come in handy.

    the tan basket on a decorated desk

    13. A stackable wire basket because it'll make basically any place in the home so much more manageable. Just imagine how many snacks (or soaps or books or toys) you'll be able to fit in here!

    the wire basket with several soaps and a hand towel inside

    14. A cube shelf for a place to snugly fit all those storage bins you keep buying. They can be disasters inside, but your shelf will look *so* tidy.

    the white cube shelf, filled with storage boxes an other yellow trinkets

    15. A two-tier bathroom tray organizer with an industrial ~vibe~ that makes it part decorative object, part practical solution.

    the shelf in a decorated cabinet

    16. A corner vanity shelf because you're almost certainly not making the most of that awkward little triangle of space on your bathroom counter.

    the dark metal triangular shelf with fancy bathroom accessories