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    17 Snack Bars That You'll Actually Enjoy Eating

    Do your future self a favor and stock up on these before you find yourself facing a hunger emergency.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of No Cow bars that manage to thread the needle of basically any dietary restriction. They're vegan, gluten free, keto, low carb, dairy free, kosher, and more, so pretty much anyone can chow down and be satisfied.

    a hand holding one of the bars

    Promising review: "I have been buying No Cow bars in the store for months. I have tried several other bars and most are not diabetic-friendly or taste bad. These No Cow bars are easy on my body while tasting great. There are a wide variety of flavors (and of course there are some favorites) so you don’t have to eat the same flavor every day. This is a great product. When I started buying here on Amazon, I learned how few flavors are stocked in stores. The sampler pack was eye-opening (better said as tastebud-opening)."—AlanCham

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99 (for a pack of 12, available in 16 flavors)

    2. A pack of Rice Krispies Treats so you can really treat yourself when you get the 3 p.m. munchies.

    a treat in a lunchbox

    Promising review: "Can anyone ever say a bad thing about Rice Krispies treats? They are wonderful. My favorite snack. The only thing wrong is I didn't buy more than one box."—Carol

    Get it from Walmart for $8.98 (for a pack of 40)

    3. A pack of KIND bars formulated around whole ingredients, like almonds, so you can really see and taste what you're eating.

    the gold box and bar

    Promising review: "I dislike every snack/protein/granola bar I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot of them. They are either two sweet, taste weird, or end up upsetting my stomach. That is, until I received one of these KIND bars as a sample, and I have now gone through four boxes. Yes, FOUR boxes. The flavor is outstanding, the ingredients are clean, the carbs are low, it doesn't upset my GI tract, and it really curbs my hunger for several hours. Fantastic product."—Cookbook Gal

    Get it from Amazon for $12.92 (for a pack of 12, available in two flavors)

    4. A pack of Fiber One Protein bars basically guaranteed to become a ~regular~ part of your snack rotation.

    the blue packaging with a picture of the bar

    Promising review: "I like these because they are so low in sugar but still taste great. Since I have found these I keep them on hand for a enjoyable snack or after dinner treat!"—ahappy65

    Get it from Walmart for $5.68 (for a pack of 10)

    5. A Clif bar bestseller pack so you can get a sense of which flavors you like before committing to a whole box.

    the multipack in the box

    Promising review: "Perfect hearty snack for waitressing when you don’t have a lot of time to eat but want to get something in your stomach! I also use when traveling and sometimes just breakfast with a banana! Lots of flavors. Definitely worth a try."—Tiffany Honick

    Get it from Amazon for $19+ (for a pack of 16, available in three different variety packs)

    6. A pack of Nature's Bakery fig bars to have you saying "Newton? Who's he?"

    a hand holding the bar in front of the packaging

    Promising review: "I ordered these fig bars for the first time to have snacks available during a three-day drive across the country. Having previously had various brands of fig bars, I thought I knew what to expect. I was surprised by how different these taste compared to other, similar products I have tried; these have a more authentic and fresh taste to them. Also, they are quite satisfying in terms of satiating hunger. These are a flavorful, wholesome option for everyday snacking."—Drew

    Get it from Amazon for $11.11 (for a pack of 12, available in 10 flavors and a variety pack)

    7. A pack of Pure Protein bars because they make the perfect on-the-go breakfast when you're in a rush.

    the multipack of bars

    Promising review: "My grandson is currently in boot camp at Parris Island. These protein bars are one of the only things they're allowed to have shipped to them while they're in boot camp. He and his platoon love them! Since the boys love them so much, so far, I've sent him five 18-count boxes. These are well worth the price!"—Linda

    Get it from Amazon for $17.13 (for a pack of 18, available in four different variety packs)

    8. A pack of Quaker granola bars perfect for keeping in a purse or backpack. I'm pretty sure every bag I own has at least one of these in it at all times.

    the granola bars spilling out of the box

    Promising review: "This is a great deal especially if you have neighborhood kids. I grab one or two occasionally because they're really delicious. But when the kids come home from next-door and they look at me with their tired little eyes, I can't help but have a yummy granola bar ready for each of them as they definitely deserve a treat after a long day at school. I highly recommend this product. Especially if you like to be nice to your neighbors and need to stay on budget. They're delicious and an excellent purchase."—Susan

    Get it from Amazon for $9.89+ (for a pack of 58, available in 13 different variety packs)

    9. A pack of Sesame Street fruit bars because everything tastes better with a picture of Grover on it. That's just science.

    the pink packaging with a photo of the bar and Grover on it

    Promising review: "My 18 month old loves these for a quick snack. Also great for on the go."—Nell10

    Get it from Target for $4.49 (for a pack of eight)

    10. A pack of RXBARs with the ingredients right on the front, so you know exactly what you're getting — although they clearly leave off the secret alchemy magic they use to make dates taste like fudge.

    a hand holding the bar in front of the box

    Promising review: "I’ve been having one of these for breakfast every single morning for the past four months and I am obsessed. They’re super easy (I’m a teacher so I'm constantly going and going), they keep me full and satisfied until lunch (which is at 12:45), and they use amazing ingredients that I don’t react to. I have bad acid reflux so anything that is heavily processed or high in sugar I can’t do. These are soooo tasty. I don’t like dates by themselves but in these bars it’s a magical combo. My favs on rotation are banana chocolate walnut (LITERALLY tastes like banana bread), blueberry, berries and peanut butter, coconut chocolate, and coffee chocolate. Get these now!!!!"—Brittany

    Get it from Amazon for $15.84 (for a pack of 12, available in 21 flavors)

    11. A pack of Nature Valley Almond Butter Filled bars that are, dare I say it, an improvement on the original Nature Valley bars. All the deliciousness, but with extra protein and none of the annoying crumbliness.

    the packaging with a photo of the bar

    Promising review: "I enjoy having the almond butter as a change from traditional peanut butter. This is a great mid-morning snack."—TT

    Get it from Target for $3.59 (for a pack of five)

    12. A pack of That's It fruit bars that really do live up to their name: it's just fruit. That's it!

    the packaging and the bars

    Promising review: "These are the best fruit bars I have ever tasted. They are not only good but they are all fruit without added sugar. These are the perfect size as well. They are perfect for on the go, traveling and put in a lunch bag or just through in your bag for whenever. They hold up well and you don't worry about bruising or getting mashed up."—Mary

    Get it from Amazon for 19.99 (for a pack of 24)

    13. A pack of Just The Cheese bars because sometimes you want that protein but also a ~crunch~ that string cheese just can't give you.

    the cheese bar on to of the wrapper

    Promising review: "First time I purchased these. They are rather expensive, as others have said, but very delicious. They are very satisfying as a snack and I'm going to try them crumbled up like croutons on a salad."—Bonnie AZ

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (for a pack of 10, available in three flavors and a variety pack)

    14. A pack of Golden Grahams bars that are just like eating a bowl of cereal except better, because it won't make a mess if you eat it on a bike.

    the yellow packaging with a photo of the bar

    Promising review: "I grew up with these treats and was so excited to find them again to buy for my daughter. She is a picky eater and fell in love with her first treat bar. They are a great snack that kids will love and are a true reminder of enjoying s'mores around the campfire."—Shantee

    Get it from Walmart for $5.48 (for a pack of 16)

    15. A pack of gluten free Larabars for everyone who needs a quick snack without worrying that wheat will ruin their day.

    the brightly colored bars

    Promising review: "There isn't a better, natural bar made with minimal ingredients out there. Aside from their excellent flavors and wholesome few ingredients, you'll be hard pressed to find an equal. I spent most of my time in the wild and I would be lost without these perfect packable yummies. A must-have."—The Quintessential Man

    Get it from Amazon for $25.24 (for a pack of 16)

    16. A pack of Nutri-Grain bars because sometimes nostalgically delicious snacks are just what you need.

    the bars on a table with crayons and cups

    Promising review: "These make for a great quick snack or breakfast! Both myself and my toddlers all enjoy them! We like the variety pack so everyone is able to get their favorite flavor!"—Rachael86

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (for a pack of four).

    17. A pack of Lance Peanut Bars for a sweet, nutty treat that'll keep you going through whatever the day throws at you.

    the bars in a tray

    Promising review: "We love these things! Great peanutty flavor, crunchy, with a little sweetness. We like to bang them up so they break into little pieces for eating because trying to bite through them is difficult, and yet once they are broken up, the little pieces are not difficult to chew."—Puck

    Get it from Amazon for $18.98 (for a pack of 21)

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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