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    20 Products From Target That'll Probably Make Your Home Cleaner Than Ever Before

    This one goes out to all my people who actually love cleaning.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bottle of glass cooktop cleaner so scuffs, stains, and scrapes will be a thing of the past. Basically, you'll be able to use your glass cooktop as an auxiliary mirror on your way out the door!

    a model using the white and black bottle of cleaner on a black glass cooktop

    2. A Swiffer wet and dry cleaning kit because plain ol' brooms and mops are a thing of the past. All you need is this one tool and your floors will be sparkling in no time.

    the green mop wiping up a wine stain

    3. A shelf liner that you can just peel up and rinse off if it gets dirty — no need to contort yourself into a million awkward positions to try and wipe out the back corners of your cabinets ever again.

    the gray and white liner in a drawer

    4. A shower squeegee because taking two seconds to wipe down your shower (especially the doors!) can save you hours of scrubbing off mildew and hard water stains in the future. Plus, it comes with a holder that you can attach directly to your shower wall with suction cups, so it'll always be handy.

    the white squeegee hanging in a shower

    5. A package of dishwasher cleaner that'll not only freshen up the inside of your machine (and remove that lingering smell) but also remove all the buildup that is making it function inefficiently. Say goodbye to pre-rinses, water spots, and cloudy glasses!

    6. A bottle of oven cleaner to finally remove the burnt-on gunk from that pie that leaked uhhhh *three* Thankgsgivings ago. Plus, it's fume free, so you won't have to open every possible window while it works its magic.

    a model using a sponge on a dirty oven door, with the blue bottle of oven cleaner edited on the left of the photo

    7. A pack of quick-drying sponges that are made by Eva Mendes (?!?) and are antimicrobial, so they won't smell up your kitchen. Plus, the cute monogram fades as you use them, so you'll know when they need replacing.

    a model using the grey patterned sponge to wash a dish

    8. A power scrubber that basically eliminates the need for manual scrubbing. Just hold it down on some grout, on your cooktop, or in any grimy little corner, turn it on, and be shocked with how much it gets off.

    a model using the red and black scrubber to clean grout

    9. A pack of stainless steel wipes so you can just swipe and remove any annoying fingerprints and smudges from your fridge, dishwasher, and more.

    the tube of wipes on a kitchen counter

    10. A handheld vacuum with all the power of its upright cousins, but way less hassle to get it out and start cleaning up messes. Now, you have no excuse not to vacuum up those crumbs, sorry!

    the red vacuum being used on carpeted stairs

    11. A citrus-and-basil-scented biodegradable cleaner because using a cleaner that doesn't burn off all the little hairs inside your nose will make you more likely to actually, well... use the cleaner.

    the green bottle of cleaner on a counter with cleaning supplies

    12. An extendable tub and tile scrubber so your back doesn't have to suffer, no matter how deeply you scrub. And it's great for us shorties, who might not be able to reach the tops of the shower otherwise.

    a model using the blue and white scrubber around the base of a toilet

    13. A Clorox toilet wand starter kit because, frankly, they're really satisfying to use. After one dunk in the water, they release their own cleaning liquid, which cleans everything off in a snap — plus, when you're done, you can toss the head, instead of keeping a gross, germy brush in your bathroom.

    the blue packaging for the toilet cleaning kit

    14. A pack of eight microfiber cloths with specific jobs: some are made for polishing, some for cleaning, and some for dusting. You don't even have to grab a bottle of cleaner — these puppies work great with just water.

    the colorful cloths in a white basket

    15. A deep cleaning brush set so even the tiniest nooks and crannies in your bathroom won't be safe havens for mold and mildew. These brushes are sturdy, multifunctional, have angled heads, and are way more useful than the classic old toothbrush.

    a model using the black and white brush on a sink tap

    16. A drain cleaner tool for all that hair, soap scum, and detritus that's accumulated down there. Will you be grossed out by what comes up when you insert this tool down your drain and then pull it back up? Absolutely. But it'll make your house feel waaaaay cleaner in the long run.

    a model with gloves on putting the blue drain snake down a sink

    17. A robot vacuum because it's the definition of lazy cleaning. It literally does the floors for you! Use the vacuum's app to schedule and plan cleanings, or use Alexa and Google Home to send it to clean up fresh messes.

    the white robot vacuum and a phone with the vacuum app

    18. A Windex Dissolve starter kit so you can enjoy clean, streak-free windows without all the plastic waste. Just drop the pod into the reusable spray bottle, fill it with warm water, and voila! You just made your own Windex! And next time, you can just buy a refill pack of the pods — no need to replace the sprayer.

    the reusable sprayer and package of pods on a blue background

    19. A flexible, reusable filament duster that traps particles just as well as the disposable versions. Once you're done dusting, pop this baby in the wash, and you can re-use it over and over and over again.

    the fluffy white duster being used on a wooden dresser

    20. An air purifier because first of all: it literally cleans the air, helping you breathe easier by filtering out irritants and allergens. But second of all: when it's time to change the filters, you'll be shocked by how much dust it's collected, and grateful that you didn't have to dust all that gunk off of everything.

    the white air purifier on a table in a decorated living room space

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