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    19 Things You Need If You Like Cute Stuff And Also Love To Swear

    Who says you can't let an f-bomb fly and be adorable at the same time?

    1. An art print for when you're on the damn grind.

    2. A set of sweary socks so even your feet can give 'em hell.

    3. A necklace that will let everyone know just how many fucks you give... in Morse Code.

    4. A coloring book for your inner child, if your inner child had a much wider vocabulary.

    5. A pillow to kindly remind any haters to shove it, and (bonus!) make your couch way comfier.

    6. A pin set so you can curse but still be classy, because anything in French is automatically fancy.

    7. A punny tote bag that'll be, like, totally fine to bring to work.

    8. A piece of embroidery to hang on your wall when you're done with everyone's shit.

    9. A mug that'll clue everyone in to your internal monologue.

    10. A lightbox for when you want to get a little creative — with 100 character options, the possibilities are basically endless.

    11. A pencil set that'll take the words right out of your mouth (or right off of the page).

    12. A greeting card for that special someone.

    13. A ring I'm pretty sure you're legally only allowed to wear on your middle finger.

    14. A fridge magnet set for a household that probably doesn't have any kids.

    15. A pouch that'll help you do... well, exactly what it says.

    16. A shirt for when people might need a reminder about basic goddamn human decency.

    17. A bath bomb that will help soak away all your fuckin' worries.

    18. A coaster set for when you need to remind guests that you don't fuck around when it comes to your furniture.

    19. A hat that'll broadcast your love for ass, but subtly.

    You, decked out in everything on this list:

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