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    25 Kitchen Products From Target That Actually Do What They Say They Will

    Sometimes truth in advertising really does exist.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An air fryer-toaster oven combo that makes a perfect replacement for several appliances in your kitchen — and TBH, that includes the actual oven.

    the silver toaster oven next to a plate of fish tacos

    2. A Brita filter pitcher so you can have access to fresh, clean water whenever you want it — no tinny aftertaste, gross film, or harmful residues included.

    a hand pouring water into a glass out of the turquoise pitcher

    3. A countertop compost caddy with a super-strong seal, so you can transform your food waste into something useful but without a stinky kitchen or the risk of fruit flies.

    a model emptying scraps into the silver caddy

    4. A set of storage containers with easy-find lids that snap together so you'll never spend like, 15 minutes searching for a matching lid ever again.

    the clear containers with blue lids on a decorated counter

    5. And a lid organizer to take your container storage from "random, unstable pile of plastic" to "actually organized and usable."

    the white organizer with blue lids in a blue cabinet

    6. A Nespresso machine that perfectly makes both coffee *and* espresso. This basically means that you'll never need to go into a coffee shop again.

    the black coffee maker with water reservoir, two cups of coffee and a gold and a green pod

    7. A set of nonslip mixing bowls so even the most vigorous whiskers won't be betrayed by a bowl that slides all around while you're just trying to make some whipped cream.

    the three silver bowls with black plastic bottoms, next to two eggs and a whisk

    8. A NutriBullet Pro with a stronger motor to tackle nuts, seeds, and hard fruits with ease, but still with all the convenience and portability of the original.

    a model using the nutribullet to make a fruit smoothie

    9. An OXO clip set that'll help keep pretty much any package at ~Maximum Freshness~ — from the biggest Costco-sized bag of chips to the last few slices of bread.

    hands using the red clip to close a bag of pita chips

    10. A bake-and-store Pyrex set so your cake, cobbler, and lasagna comes with storage included right out of the oven. It's great for leftovers, or transporting to a potluck without the worry of a spill or a smoosh.

    the three glass containers with dark blue lids

    11. An Instant Pot Duo that is actually misnamed because it is more of a septet than a duo — aka the SAT-word way of saying that instead of two functions, it has seven (pressure cooking, rice cooking, slow cooking, yogurt making, steaming, sautéing and food warming). And it performs all of them flawlessly!

    the silver pressure cooker on a counter surrounded by pasta, cheesecake and vegetables

    12. A stoneware coffee canister that quite literally does what it says on the tin. (Get it? Because it says "coffee" and it...holds coffee.)

    the white container with 'COFFEE" stamped on the side, a wooden lid and a wooden scoop attached to the side

    13. A berry bin because the circulation helps keep them fresher for longer, and any minute you can add to the lifespan of your strawberries is basically worth its weight in gold.

    the clear bin in a fridge, filled half with strawberries and half with blueberries

    14. A mini waffle maker so you can have perfect tiny waffles whenever your heart desires. Plus, they're great for breakfast meal prep — you can freeze these and toast them up in the morning just like an Eggo.

    the small red waffle maker open on a counter to show the waffle inside. surrounding it are waffle ingredients and a plate of chicken and waffles

    15. A self-sharpening knife set that doesn't just promise to stay sharp, it ensures it with a knife sharpener built right into the block.

    a hand pulling a knife out of the block

    16. Or a knife sharpener, for those who already have a nice set of knives — or thought they did, until they started struggling to cut through a tomato without pulverizing it. That'll have them back to their former glory in just a few swipes.

    the black sharpener on a counter with bread, garlic, and a knife

    17. An egg cooker to totally transform your breakfasts and lunches. Just pour in water, wait, and then be rewarded with eggs cooked just how you like them.

    the black egg cooker filled with eggs, on a counter with more eggs and a plate of deviled eggs

    18. An airtight food storage container set because with food prices as high as they are, you don't want to lose anything to mold or staleness, or accidentally share some with a mouse. Your food is for you!

    the storage container set full of food, in the center of a set of appliances and sauces on shelves

    19. An electric kettle because boiling water on the stove or in the microwave is just not the ~vibe.~ A kettle is faster, more efficient, and doesn't horrify Europeans. Plus, you can use it for noodles, soup, tea, hot chocolate, and much more.

    the silver electric kettle

    20. A pack of stretch-to-fit food covers that are way more convenient than wrestling with a roll of plastic wrap — and way easier to wash and reuse, to boot!

    the red and green food cover packaging

    21. A set of warp-resistant baking sheets because trying to use a warped baking sheet is a ~recipe~ for disaster (and uneven cooking).

    the gold baking sheet on a counter with brussels sprouts, and the other two sheets in the corner

    22. A cold-brew maker so you can literally make your morning java in your sleep. Just set it up before you go to bed, and you'll be rewarded with delicious, smooth coffee in the morning.

    the white cold brew maker filled with coffee

    23. A motion activated trash can that's perfect for messy cooks who want to toss a quick wrapper without getting the entire kitchen covered in flour somehow.

    the silver trash can next to a counter with citrus and a dish towel

    24. A citrus squeezer because the worst way to discover you have a cut is when you're squeezing a lemon. Plus, it'll get way more juice out than your weak little paws ever could.

    two hands squeezing juice out of a lemon

    25. A slow cooker that's perfect for chilly fall evenings. There's no better feeling than coming home when there's a nip in the air and immediately smelling a gorgeous pot roast that's been falling apart all day.

    the silver slow cooker on a counter in front of a window

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