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    Updated on Jul 14, 2020. Posted on Jul 14, 2020

    31 Home Products From Walmart That Are Pretty Much Dream-Worthy

    Wake up sleepyhead, this isn't a dream. You can get a chic and cozy mid-century lounge chair without spending a ton.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An extra-plush sherpa blanket that'll make your bed so soft and cushy it'll basically be like sleeping in a cloud.

    A furry blue blanket atop a bed

    Promising review: "Favorite blanket I've ever owned. It's so incredibly soft but doesn't get fluff coming off. Washes great with no issues. My pup and I love the king size so much, I ordered her the twin size!"—Jessica

    Price: $14.48+ (available in four colors and sizes twin-king)

    2. A round coffee table with an inlaid game board so your family game nights will be much easier and more fun.

    A round brown coffee table with a chessboard pattern on the tabletop

    Price: $88.31 (originally $250)

    3. A mid-century lounge chair that just looks ideal for curling up with a cozy blanket, a good book, and a hot beverage.

    A mustard yellow chair with full back and arms and brown wooden legs

    Price: $149+ (available in four colors)

    4. A rustic dresser with a natural finish to bring just the right amount of cottagecore to your space.

    A five-drawer dresser in a weathered brown stain

    Promising review: "This dresser is beautiful. I really like that it's all real wood. No pressboard. The drawers are tongue and groove and the sliding mechanisms operate smoothly. I appreciate the fact that I didn't have to assemble it. I would buy it again or recommend it to a friend."—Reid

    Price: $306.21 (originally $360.84)

    5. A tempered glass bookcase so chic you'll feel like your books and tchotchkes have been transported to Paris.

    A gold-framed bookcase with five glass shelves

    Promising review: "I am an avid thrift store shopper but there are some things you just cant find there. This bookshelf is one of them! I was worried about spending that much on a bookshelf but once it was put together... WOW! Directions were simple and there weren't a ton of steps. I will be ordering another to have a set in our home office! Great value for money and great aesthetic!"—Taryn

    Price: $111.19 (available in two colors)

    6. A barn-door TV stand, because you need a perfect blend of style and functional storage, and this fits the bill to a T.

    A brown and white oak televisions stand with two cabinets and shelf space in the middle

    Promising review: "This cabinet is way cuter in person! It does take a little time to put together but instructions were easy to follow. It has actual sliding barn doors and is well-made and sturdy. It was also packaged well which kept it safe during shipping. I love it, and recommend it!"—Missy

    Price: $219.99 (available in six colors)

    7. A down alternative comforter that's equally perfect on its own or as a duvet insert — either way you'll be enveloped in coziness, and the box stitch is specially designed so it won't bunch or settle as you use it.

    A quilted white comforter atop a bed

    Promising review: "This comforter is better than I expected! Especially for the low price compared to most other down comforters! I have been sleeping so much better since getting this blanket! I have fibromyalgia, so the little bit of weight this blanket offers helps my body relax enough to actually get some sleep! I would highly recommend this blanket to anyone! My cats love it as much as I do, too."—fenvrgihfkjnfviheb

    Price: $19.99+ (available in three colors and sizes twin–California king)

    8. A shag rug so plush and thick it's basically a hug for your feet.

    A geometric ivory color rug with gray lines forming diamonds

    Promising review: "Love love love this rug. It is so full and plush. Your feet sink in it and it feels so expensive. I bought this for my nursery and i cant wait to watch my little one play on it!!" —Momdadcamty

    Price: $24.98+ (available in nine colors and 23 sizes)

    9. An upholstered platform bed with a scalloped edge that's equal parts flapper and mermaid, which is the absolute ideal combo.

    A cream-colored bed frame with headboard and brown wooden legs

    Promising review: "This headboard is such a steal. I was looking for something cheap as a hold-me-over until I purchase a larger mattress next year and almost didn't order because 1) it looks pinkish in the product pictures and 2) I was worried about the quality. The color is a true creamy-linen, I have zero qualms about quality, and it came almost a week early! Buy it!"—Lizzy

    Price: $215+ (available in sizes full-queen)

    10. A plush velvet office chair so cute it doesn't even look like it should be functional, but it is!

    A white office chair with gold legs and five black caster wheels

    Promising review: "This desk chair is perfect! Reasonable height adjustments and very comfortable. Doesn't feel cheap, great quality!"—QueenBee

    Price: $69

    11. A three-piece dining set to make the most of a smaller space if you don't want to give in and eat on the couch.

    A table with a marble top and white wood base and two seats with light gray fabric tops

    Promising review: "I live in a studio and needed something multi-purpose that I could use to cook and eat, since my studio has no counter tops. It's perfect! I just clear the table and cook/meal prep! And when people come over they compliment the table and sit at it to eat."—Michelle

    Price: $229

    12. A woodgrain touch lamp, because there's absolutely nothing in this world more magical than illuminating a room with a single swipe. They're genius and everyone should have one.

    A tall round lamp with a wooden base, gold metal stem, and off-white lampshade

    Promising review: "We LOVE this lamp! We bought it for our three year old's bedroom. He loves that he can turn it off and on so easily. It looks beautiful in his room. We bought another one so he has two!"—cottagedweller

    Price: $24.94 (originally $30)

    13. An oval glass coffee table that looks like you stole it off the set of Mad Men (but you didn't bring any of the sexism or smoking with you).

    A glass coffee table with silver metal legs and two shelf spaces

    Promising review: "This table arrived right on time! The top tier is beveled all around, giving it a nice smooth finishing touch. Glass is tempered and solid! The two bottom tiers are beautifully frosted, with two levels. Assembly a breeze!! It came with easy to follow instructions and no tools necessary! It's easy to clean and easy to take care of! This table is worth double its price! It's perfect for small spaces and adds an elegant touch to any space!"—Cece

    Price: $78 (originally $220)

    14. A two-drawer desk perfect for glamming up your studying, working from home, or even just your nighttime skincare routine.

    A black desk with round gold drawers knobs and open gold legs

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this desk! It's perfect for my vanity. My boyfriend and friend helped me put it together and it took about 30 minutes. The instructions were very straight forward and the desk is very sturdy."—Amelia

    Price: $161.49 (originally $186.19)

    15. A set of metal starburst wall sculptures that are basically indoor fireworks, but a lot longer lasting and a lot quieter.

    Three walk sculptures that look like golden straws forming a starburst

    Price: $78.49 (originally $94.50)

    16. A small hexagonal bookshelf honeycomb vibes to totally amp up the rest of your hive. The mixture of metals and wood makes it feel both modern and natural, so it'll fit into any space.

    A five-shelf bookcase formed from two hexagon frames stacked on top of each other

    Price: $77.25+ (oringally $200, available in two colors)

    17. A five-tier bookshelf that'll bring the exact right pop of color without totally overwhelming the room.

    A sea-foam colored bookshelf with a drawer in the middle separating two shelves on the bottom and two on the top

    Promising review: "I hesitated on this for a long time worried that it would be flimsy. It was not! I love the color, it adds a great pop to my office. It's sturdy, colorful and was easy to put together, though it took some time. I did it by myself."—MrsLea

    Price: $116.79 (available in four colors)

    18. A metal bed frame because it'll make you feel like a princess in a tower, but without the curses or evil stepmothers.

    A white metal bed frame with four posts and an ornate design at the foot of the bed and the headboard

    Promising review: "First, I want to say that I love this bed! The parts are solidly made and fit together smoothly. The bed is easy to move around and stays firm with no loss of stability. There is no 'hollow' feel to the assembled bed. I am using my bed as an extra bed for guests, but it would also be lovely as a daybed."—OkieHeart

    Price: $129.60+ (available in two colors and sizes twin–king)

    19. A five-piece dining set that's the picture-perfect setting for cozy, chatty family dinners or dining alone with some extra elbow room.

    A table and four chairs with brown tops on white wooden frames

    Promising review: "A real solid piece of furniture here! I've gotten many compliments on this set and I love it. It's classy, simple, and perfect for a small family. Just be aware that the box it comes in is very heavy. Will need at least two strong adults to carry. Takes about an hour to put together. Definitely worth it though!"—Alex

    Price: $399 (originally $577.20)

    20. A marbled canvas print because it's just what you need to bring some soothing abstraction to your walls.

    A framed print of a dark blue and light blue marble design

    Price: $49 (originally $69)

    21. A velvet sectional sofa that's absolutely made to be a nap sofa — it's literally dream-worthy.

    A dark blue sectional sofa with a chaise

    Promising review: "A little firm but super soft and comfy. Spilled coffee on it and it wiped right off. Really good for the price"—Sophia

    Price: $486.87

    22. An oval floor mirror, because your outfits deserve an equally chic place for you to view them.

    An oval mirror with a cherry wood frame and legs

    Promising review: "I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I've wanted one of these mirrors since I was little (I know, lame...) I am only 5 feet tall. It's the PERFECT height for me. My daughter is my height and getting taller. A little tilt and it will still be grand."—Emerald

    Price: $46+ (available in six colors)

    23. An industrial wall mirror that finally figured out how to put a circle inside a square. You just have to make the circle a mirror.

    A circular mirror with a black metal frame situated between two horizontal pieces of wood and two vertical metal frames

    Promising review: "These mirrors are really cool and different and I think they look like they are much more expensive than they actually are. They are exactly what I was looking for! Highly recommend."—SueH

    Price: $69

    24. A set of metal storage jars so vintage and rustic it'll look like you stole them from your grandma's house.

    Three different sized, weathered-looking galvanized metal jars

    Price: $44.34

    25. A set of fake succulents to bring some greenery to your space, with absolutely no maintenance required.

    Three fake succulents in open round glass terrariums

    Price: $24.99

    26. A faux-fur throw pillow exactly suited for hugging, burying your face into, and hiding behind during scary movies.

    Super furry square pillows in various including white, gray, pink, seafoam green, and maroon.

    Price: $12.87+ (available in two sizes and six colors)

    27. A wax warmer for anyone who worries about burning a candle, but still wants to fill their house with a delicious smell.

    A bronze wax warmer with a black top and bottom with a glass bronze accents

    Promising review: "I love my wax warmer and it gives off so much light that you don't have to turn your lights on. Better than a night light. I can put three wax cubes in it because it is very deep. The scent lasts a long time. I love mine so much I now have three of them."—Babyblue1951

    Price: $14

    28. A decorative vase so you can brighten up your space, whether or not you actually remember to buy flowers.

    An aqua-colored round, narrow, and tall vase

    Promising review: "It's beautiful. It's not thin or cheap. It actually feels real and is perfect for what I wanted it for."—Jacqueline

    Price: $14.40

    29. A floor lamp with the aesthetic of one a cool old professor in a movie would have. Reading under this will make you feel like you have elbow patches on your blazer.

    A 56-inch tall brass floor lamp with a round base

    Promising review: "I bought this lamp to sit next to the chair I read in and I love it!! The lamp is stylish with a bit of old fashioned charm and it's practical with the height it is and it's weighted so that it won't tip easily. The price makes this lamp a steal!"—Asalwaysmary2

    Price: $60.14+ (available in five colors)

    30. A blackout curtain panel to filter out the light while still feeling light and floaty, not heavy and dark.

    An aqua color set of curtains hanging around a window

    Price: 9.87+ (available in five colors)

    31. A rainbow fur butterfly chair with ~huge~ fairy princess vibes that's sure to delight, whether you're 6 or 36.

    A folding chair with thin metal legs and rubber stopper with a light-colored rainbow cushion

    Price: $45.89.

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