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    23 Pieces Of Clothing From Walmart That Are Great For Both Lounging And Working Out

    You're multitasking, and your clothes should too.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. An athleisure hoodie with thumb holes(!!!), because nothing is cozier than thumb holes.

    The grey sweatshirt

    2. A pair of jogger tights that'll make you happy for MULTIPLE reasons: they have pockets, and are perfect for holding your keys on a walk in the park.

    The grey leggings

    3. A cross-back sports bra ideal for barre class or bingeing episodes of Nailed It.

    The purple sports bra

    4. A crop top that is so stylish, you might want to try it with a pair of cutoffs when you start wearing real clothing again.

    The white crop top with the word Champion across the middle

    5. A pair of yoga pants, because they're the OG active/comfy piece of clothing and they deserve a place in your closet.

    The black yoga pants

    6. A zip-up hoodie that'll feel ultra soft and comfortable, and will be the perfect layer for mornings when it's just a little chilly.

    The grey zip-up hoodie

    7. A pair of running shorts without the usual built-in liner, so they won't bunch up or rub when you're sitting on the couch, but they'll still be supportive during your evening run.

    The red running shorts

    8. A pair of bike shorts that'll work great as an under layer or a standalone.

    The bright blue bike shorts

    9. An athletic dress to give you tennis star vibes, even if you're just wearing it to serve up lunch to yourself.

    The black T-shirt dress

    10. A crewneck sweatshirt with a side stripe that'll add a little bit of ~flair~ to your WFH vibes.

    The green sweatshirt with black and white side stripes

    11. A soft pair of sneakers so you can have support whether you're walking around the block or bopping around the house.

    The black and white dotted sneakers

    12. A blouson tee that'll perfectly straddle the line between fashion and function.

    The bright green T-shirt

    13. A colorblocked quarter zip pullover with all of the comfort and functionality of a kangaroo pocket hoodie, just with a slightly more upgraded ~look.~

    The lavender and grey colorblock sweatshirt

    14. A baseball tee that's soft and comfy and will also make you feel totally on theme for a game of catch in the backyard.

    The navy and white long-sleeve T-shirt

    15. A lightweight T-shirt with odor-wicking technology that'll be helpful no matter why you need to feel a little less smelly.

    The light blue T-shirt

    16. A pair of two-tone leggings for the perfect balance between basic and fun.

    The two-tone grey leggings

    17. A scoop neck tunic with a nice, loose drape to keep you cool and comfortable.

    The light blue T-shirt

    18. A classic Champion sweatshirt with cool, vintage, "Oh, I've had this laying around forever" vibes, but without all that time and effort.

    The red Champion sweartshirt

    19. A front-close sports bra for easy removal the absolute second your FaceTime is done.

    The grey ruched sports bra

    20. A perforated hem tee, because this'll provide you with an extra bit of breathability.

    The bright pink T-shirt

    21. A long-sleeved V-neck tee that'll keep you warm and also keep you from overheating. The best of both worlds!

    The pink long-sleeve T-shirt

    22. A sports bra because you couldn't possibly put on an actual bra right now. This one has a mesh racerback and doesn't have those annoying removable liners that do absolutely nothing to keep your girls up.

    The neon green sports bra

    23. A quilted jacket to keep you warm on your early morning runs.

    The neon green zip-up quilted sweatshirt

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