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    31 Practical Things Worth Buying At Walmart's Black Friday Sale

    The only thing more practical than buying these products is buying them on sale.

    Attention, Black Friday shoppers! Your wait is over because Walmart is offering incredible deals — the time to finally score all those handy yet splurge-y things you've had your eye on is now!

    1. An Instant Pot Duo Crisp that can maybe replace your entire kitchen. This thing can *deep breath* pressure cook, sautée, steam, slow cook, sous vide, warm, air fry, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate. Who even needs a stove anymore?

    The silver and black appliance

    2. A pressure washer so you can recreate all those soothing video compilations at home. You may end up getting hooked and pressure washing your neighbor's house, too!

    A model using the pressure washer on a stone birdhouse

    3. A robot vacuum that'll literally make a map of your house, so you can be sure it's not missing any of those dusty corners.

    The robot vaccum with a phone showing the app

    4. A Lenovo smart clock to wake you up, let you talk to Google, listen to music and podcasts, and even has a built-in night-light.

    A model looking at the smart clock

    5. A SodaStream Fizzi that'll make your seltzer habit a little easier on the wallet and the environment.

    The blue CO2 canister and blue SodaStream

    6. A towel set because it's time to replace your old, flat towels. There's nothing better than drying off with a fresh, fluffy towel, and you deserve that luxury.

    The grey towels on a bathroom counter

    7. A pair of Bose Quiet Comfort headphones that are just like, The Headphones you hear about when you're looking for noise canceling headphones, and it's because they're absolutely legit.

    The black over-ear headphones

    8. A Garmin golf GPS so you'll be able to perfectly pinpoint where you are on the course, and keep score digitally.

    The black GPS screen

    9. A Lodge cast iron skillet that's the perfect multipurpose kitchen tool. There's pretty much nothing you can cook that won't taste better in a cast iron pan.

    A roasted chicken in the cast iron skillet

    10. A mechanic's tool set with all the tools you'll need to totally take control of your car. No more hour long waits just to get an oil change!

    The black toolbox full of tools

    11. A jogging stroller system that'll make it basically seamless to take your baby on runs. Or jogs. Or brisk walks. Or strolls. Whatever floats your boat.

    The black stroller and car seat system

    12. An enameled Dutch oven because it's the It Pan right now. You can make gorgeous food that just happens to also be super Instagrammable.

    The blue dutch oven full of stew

    13. A plush robe that's perfect for doing double duty — it's practical for after the shower, and great for keeping warm when your house is just a little bit too chilly. Plus it's honestly a little glam, in a "I just got back from the spa" kind of way.

    A model wearing the pink plush robe

    14. A cordless stick vacuum for cleaning all those little spots that you'd never be able to reach otherwise. I'm coming for you, abandoned spiderweb in the living room ceiling corner!!

    A model using the vacuum in a living room

    15. An electric shaver that has attachments for pretty much any part of the body. Your nose, ears, face, and more will be perfectly groomed with this puppy.

    The shaver and attachments

    16. A dual-band router so you can finally access the wifi on the far side of your house.

    The black router

    17. A solar security light that'll add an extra layer of security to your house, while also making it easier to walk to your door when it's dark out (even if that's like 4pm now).

    The white solar panel and security light

    18. A convertible futon with USB and power hookups so you can lounge without having to worry about your devices.

    The grey futon in a living room

    19. A Little Green spot cleaner that's a necessity if you have pets, kids, or if you (like me) are just incredibly clumsy.

    A model using the spot cleaner on a chair

    20. A Google Nest Mini perfect for listening to music, chatting with your smart assistant, and just making your whole home a little bit smarter.

    The round blue smart speaker

    21. A Nespresso machine that'll totally upgrade your morning cup of Joe. Those fancy espresso drinks are now a total breeze to make!

    The black machine and two cups of coffee

    22. A Fitbit so you can accurately track how many steps you're taking, whether you're already walking for miles a day, or just going from your bed to your desk to your couch and could use a little inspiration to get moving again.

    The white Fitbit with a black face

    23. A set of Pyrex mixing bowls that are useful in any kitchen. You can mix, cook, store, and more in these.

    The glass bowls with colorful lids

    24. A pair of Muk Luks booties, because your feet deserve the most warmth this winter. You're worth it.

    The grey and sherpa booties

    25. A pillow massager that'll finally crush those stubborn knots in your neck and lower back for good.

    The black and red pillow massager

    26. A phone controlled garage door opener so you don't have to constantly worry about the standard opener dying and having to find those weird tiny watch batteries to revive it.

    The opener and accessories

    27. A Waterpik that'll maybe be the thing that actually makes the dental hygienist proud of you at your annual cleaning.

    The Waterpik

    28. A Wi-Fi thermostat so you can adjust the temperature more easily and automatically save some energy to boot.

    The thermostat on a wall behind a desk

    29. A self-cleaning litter box that both you and Mr. Tibbles will appreciate.

    A cat using the litter box

    30. A set of fleece lined leggings to wear on their own or under jeans for the ultimate in coziness.

    Two models wearing the black leggings

    31. A snow thrower that'll forever relieve you from having to shovel the driveway (or pay a neighbor kid to do it).

    The blue and black snow thrower

    Don't forget to check out the rest of their exciting deals before they sell out!

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