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    21 Useful Beauty Tips For People Who Wear Glasses

    Because all four of your eyes deserve to look ~awesome.~

    1. Prevent your lashes from bonking against your lenses literally every time you blink by using an eyelash curler in the morning. Giving your lashes some extra ~lift~ with a curler will push them up and away from your glasses, which should stop them from hitting your frames and causing smudges and discomfort.

    2. Bring some brightness to your face with a non-black liner that'll make your eyes ~pop~ even when behind dark frames.

    3. Use the color wheel to choose eye makeup shades that are complementary to your eye color for ~maximum eye brightening~. If you're not sure exactly what shades to pick, this Shany makeup palette has 96 (!!!) shades so you can pick and choose. You'll have a great time getting to play around and experiment, and you'll be able to find the perfect shade that'll make your eye color look amazing.

    4. Same goes for concealers! The color wheel can also help you pick the perfect shade when looking for a color-correcting concealer for your under-eye area.

    5. Try a bright red lip that'll keep the focus from being entirely on your specs, and can help you feel polished on days when you don't feel like wearing eye makeup.

    6. Grab a multi-use eyeshadow palette with 35 shades for both everyday looks when you want your glasses to take the focus, and dramatic looks to let your eyes take center stage.

    7. Take the vacation vibes home with a set of mini travel brushes so you can avoid hitting your mirror with too-long brush handles. With these lil' guys, you'll be able to get way closer to the mirror without having to worry about the brush handles getting in the way.

    8. Counteract any shadows that may be cast by your frames with a brightening under-eye concealer. It'll help make you look *extra* awake, and can make your eyes really pop from behind your glasses.

    9. Add a quick, polished touch while still achieving a natural look by swiping on neutral lip color that's close to your skin tone. A classic MLBB (that's "my lips but better") will let bright frames take center stage.

    10. Pair cat-eye frames with a bold winged liner, which will open up your face and give a little hint of some dramatic glam. And up the easiness factor by using an eyeliner stamp that'll basically apply itself.

    11. Apply some Nerdwax to the inside of your nosepads to keep them from falling down your face all day and smudging your foundation.

    12. Remember to groom your brows with a great brow gel, because while you might think they're hidden behind your specs, neat brows still play an important role in framing your face.

    13. Use an LED magnifying mirror so you can get up close and personal during your makeup application, even if you're as blind as a bat without your glasses.

    14. Try an online retailer like Warby Parker or EyeBuyDirect for your glasses — their prices are way cheaper than your eye doctor, so you can grab a couple pairs of bolder glasses that'll let you change up your look on the reg.

    15. Discover the multiple uses of eyeshadow primer — it'll make your eyeshadow ~extra bold~ to shine through your glasses, and the same properties in it that help eyeshadow stick will also stop your glasses from slipping if you add a little dab on the bridge of your nose.

    16. Explore different-styled mascara wands so you can find a mascara that's longwearing and gives a ton of volume without lengthening so much that it'll leave smudges on your glasses.

    17. Sweep on some blush after you've put your glasses on, so you can make sure the placement won't be hidden by your frames.

    18. Avoid annoying marks on the sides of your nose with a solid setting powder that'll totally lock in your foundation.

    19. Don't let smudges distract from your cute lil' face. Pick up a glasses cleaning kit so your lenses will be sparkling clean, and everyone will be able to see that eye look you worked so hard on.

    20. Experiment with looks that play off your frames, like an ultra-trendy eye makeup look that you can create with a bold makeup palette to coordinate with clear frames.

    21. Pick out a pair of false eyelashes that give you dramatic volume instead of length, and watch your eyes magically pop from beneath your glasses. Plus, falsies will last way longer than regular mascara *and* they won't smudge against your frames.

    Finally, do whatever the hell you want!! There are no rules! At the end of the day, the only right way to wear makeup with glasses is the way that makes you feel comfortable and cute. Even if it breaks a "makeup rule," as long as you feel great, that's all that matters.

    Me, you, and Tina know: all you need are glasses and confidence. The rest is optional.

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