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    21 Camping Products From Bass Pro Shops That Reviewers Truly Love

    These'll prepare you to get out there in the Great Outdoors.

    1. A deluxe eight-person tent so luxurious, it's basically a house. But a house one person could set up in less than an hour, so it might in fact be better than a house.

    the large tan tent

    2. A bottle of water shield spray because there's nothing like the sheer power of being able to waterproof things. Your boots, jacket, tent, and more will thank you.

    the green spray bottle

    3. A cot bunk bed set that can also transform into a couch for the daytime. No need to waste time or space on carrying extra seating!

    two campers in the bunk bed in a tent

    4. A zero degree sleeping bag to keep you warm and cozy in temperatures that most people don't even want to go on a walk in, let alone go camping in.

    the brown and plaid sleeping bag

    5. A quick-inflating airbed because there's nothing worse than waiting for a bed to inflate after a long, strenuous day. And as a bonus, it can do double duty for guests and sleepovers in the great indoors, as well.

    the grey and red mattress

    6. A mini rechargeable lantern that'll provide tons of light but won't take up tons of space in your pack. And you won't have to worry about constantly replacing bulky batteries, either.

    the small grey and white lantern

    7. A mosquito repellent to keep you save from itchy bites, without all the fuss and smell of a spray or a candle.

    the black mosquito repeller box

    8. A Yeti mug that may not be as practical as one of their water bottles, but is just as (if not more) essential for caffeine addicts. That morning coffee is even more necessary after sleeping outside.

    the pink mug

    9. A double-gated carabiner because you can always find a use for a carabiner. Whether you're a hardcore climber or just clipping your water bottle on to your bag, you'll be glad you had one on hand.

    the carabiner in black

    10. A ceramic water filter so you don't have to lug clean water to your campsite — just filter when you get there, and you'll be good to go.

    the red and grey filter

    11. A propane camp stove because who even needs a campfire? With this puppy you can cook just like you would at home, no problem.

    the silver and green stove

    12. An outdoor lounge chair so you can sit like royalty, no matter where you are. Plus, it doesn't just have cupholders, it has a whole tray. That's luxury.

    the brown chair

    13. An ultralight medical kit because it's always better safe than sorry. Hopefully you never need this, but you'll be glad you have it.

    a hiker wearing the kit on their backpack

    14. A portable toilet that might get you some snooty looks from people who really love roughing it, but you can stay secure in the knowledge that you didn't have to bury your poop and they did.

    the portable toilet

    15. An all-weather notebook perfect for keeping all your notes, sketches, and more safe in even the toughest conditions.

    the brown notebook

    16. A two-person survival blanket that's great for keeping warm in unexpected chills, emergency situations, or just when you forgot a real one. TBH it's a good idea to get a second one of these for your car.

    two models in the orange blanket

    17. A North Face backpack equally suited to carrying school books and carrying camping gear. Plus, it's super ergonomic, so you won't have to worry about back pain in either situation.

    the blue floral backpack

    18. A portable camp kitchen that's basically no different than having your regular kitchen, just outside. Get ready to whip up some amazingly gourmet meals in the Great Outdoors.

    the silver kitchen

    19. A double hammock perfect for lounging, sleeping, and more— all in a conveniently light, foldable package.

    the green hammock

    20. A backpacking tent that's the ultimate in simplicity — no bells and whistles, just enough space for two people and a ton of mesh windows to look at the stars.

    The gray tent with see through mesh windows

    21. A rechargeable headlamp with a suuuuuper slim profile, so you won't have to worry about bonking a bulky light on every surface imaginable while you try to find things at night.

    the grey and black headlamp

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