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    27 Things On Amazon That’ll Help You Solve Pet-Related Problems You Basically Gave Up On

    There's hope — these problems can be solved.

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    1. A paw protectant for hikes, walks on concrete, wintertime jaunts or anything that can irritate your pup's lil' feet. No more need for booties, either, which will make both of you much happier.

    Reviewer's before and after of their dog's paw dry and then smooth

    2. A pack of allergy immune supplement treats to help with itchiness, hot spots, rashes, and more skin ailments you might have had to get a prescription for before.

    An irritated dog forehead and the same dog later, with much more hair and less redness

    3. A citrus odor-eliminating spray that has all the power of other cleaners, but without a lingering artificial smell that might leave you with headaches.

    the orange bottle held up in front of a wood floor

    4. A portable pet gate so you can stop worrying about stepping on a teeny paw while you make dinner (yours or theirs).

    a dog looking over the top of the plastic gate

    5. A Snuggle Puppy perfect for younger pups who are still adjusting to sleeping alone, and for older dogs who get anxious during storms, fireworks, and other disturbances. The soothing heat and heartbeat noises will calm them down in no time.

    a puppy laying on top of the stuffed puppy

    6. An outdoor odor eliminator because it might have occurred to you to get rid of the smells inside, but if you're spending any amount of time in your yard it might be a good idea to make sure there's no pee smell out there either.

    a dog and the odor eliminator on a lawn

    7. A fur remover broom that's the magic solution to all that stubborn hair stuck in your carpet — even if you might contribute more to that than Fido does.

    a dog laying next to a large pile of swept fur

    8. A pack of tear stain wipes because for the longest time I just thought white dogs looked Like That, but they don't! You can keep their eyes just as sparkly clean as the rest of their fur.

    a side by side of a small dog, one with eye stains and one without

    9. A set of Chuckit balls for if Lassie's destructive tennis ball habit has gotten too expensive — these will last a lot longer and won't run the risk of your pup eating plastic junk.

    a pit bull laying with the ball

    10. A cat litter mat with a ton of tiny holes that'll keep all the litter your cat tracks out of the box from making it to the rest of the house.

    a cat laying on the mat

    11. A drip-free small animal water bottle to eliminate that annoying wet patch that tends to accumulate under a more traditional water bottle.

    a guinea pig using the water bottle

    12. A pack of guaranteed leakproof poop bags so you never have to worry about gross post-walk hands ever again

    the poop bag attached to a leash with a white dog in the background

    13. A ChomChom roller because after the first time you use it you'll go, "Oh yeah! I forgot the couch was that color!"

    reviewer's picture of fur-filled roller

    14. A cat water fountain that'll maybe finally be a more appealing hydration option to your cat than the drinking glass on your bedside table.

    reviewer's cat drinking from fountain

    15. A pack of Greenies because doggie breath is not a fact of life! Your dog can have fresh breath, it is possible.

    a dog looking up at the treat

    16. A perfectly portioned variety pack of cat food so you don't have to find a place to store that weird half can of cat food when Fluffy deserves a little treat.

    a hand holding the cat food

    17. A stuffing-free squeaky toy that won't cover your house with tiny bits of white floof the second your dog gets it. They'll get to play for longer and you won't have to clean! A win-win.

    a dog laying with one of the toys

    18. A pack of heavy-duty litter box liners to make changing the litter so much easier. Just lift it out and you're done.

    a litter box with the liner

    19. A pack of burn spot chews so your dog will think they're just getting a treat, but you know they'll prevent Spot's pee from making, well...spots on the lawn.

    a dog on a green lawn

    20. An anti-plaque water additive that'll keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy without subjecting either of you to a toothbrushing routine.

    a hand holding the bottle in front of a dog

    21. A soft recovery collar so they won't have to deal with the discomfort and humiliation of a real cone, and you won't have to deal with those sad, sad eyes.

    a dog sleeping with the collar on

    22. A lick mat that may just be the only way to actually keep a dog still for any amount of time. Use this magic pad for bathing, grooming, or any other thing they usually hate — they basically won't notice it's happening.

    a dog licking food off the green mat

    23. An elevated cat bowl specifically designed to prevent the backflow that can cause kitty vomiting. Your rugs are safe!

    two cats eating out of the bowls

    24. A set of pet steps so you won't have to lift your pet onto the bed, couch, or other snuggle spot. Both your back and their little legs will thank you.

    a dog sleeping on the steps

    25. A Did You Feed The Dog because while Fluffy might be pleased about getting two breakfasts, the vet might have other feelings about that.

    a hand holding the slider device

    26. An aquarium gravel cleaning tool so you can get all the gunk off the bottom of your tank without as much disruption and stress to your 'lil fish.

    the siphon tool in an aquarium

    27. A slow-feeder dog bowl that just might be the only thing that can stop Fido from gobbling up food in .2 seconds — and prevent the tummy upset that often comes after.

    three brightly colored bowls with kibble

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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