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    All The Best Cyber Monday Deals At Walmart

    The deals continue on tech, toys, tools, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Black Friday who? Walmart's Cyber Monday deals are here to blow you away, and boy have they succeeded. Whether you're searching for gifts or a little treat for yourself, you're sure to find something amazing.

    Here are some of our top picks from the sale:

    1. 33% off a shatterproof basketball hoop that'll make your driveway the neighborhood hot spot — plus, it will survive any and all dunk attempts.

    two models shooting on the hoop

    2. 28% off a cordless tool kit for the DIY-er in your life. Everyone will appreciate that in addition to a drill, saw, and work light, it *also* comes with a vacuum attachment to clean up all the messes.

    the white and blue tools in front of the black carrying bag

    3. 50% off a ring light that's sure to elicit squees from the budding YouTuber or TikTok-er in your fam.

    the rainbow light on a tripod

    4. 19% off a Graco convertible car seat that you'll be able to adjust as your child ages, so you don't have to worry about changing it out, and you know they're safe and secure.

    the grey and black car seat

    5. 44% off a set of Egyptian cotton sheets for the ~fancy-hotel-sheets experience~ that you usually only get on vacation but can have every night in your very own home.

    the grey sheets on a made bed

    6. 33% off a robot vacuum because it's like living in The Jetsons (it's up to you whether you name the vacuum Rosie which I highly suggest you do).

    the vacuum picking up spilled food

    7. 15% off a Ninja kitchen system for the smoothest smoothies and easiest food processing you ever did see, all with one base.

    the blender system and attachments

    8. 42% off a pair of wireless earbuds to take with you anywhere, like to the gym, work, while commuting, or any time you need a little musical (or podcast) pick-me-up.

    a model wearing the white earbud

    9. 50% off an Ancestry DNA kit so you can finally satisfy that one relative who's always digging into family genealogy on the weekends.

    the white and green box of the kit

    10. 30% off a 10-in-1 game table perfect for rec rooms, dens, and basically any space teens congregate. Whatever they're into playing, this bad boy can make it happen.

    the table with the different game boards above

    11. 60% off a pair of Kendall + Kylie faux fur slippers because even people who know nothing about their designers will appreciate how fluffy and inviting these babies feel.

    12. 39% off a Spiderman: Far From Home movie and action figure set so you can make sure you know everything about it before the new one comes out next year.

    the blue movie packaging and black action figure

    13. 33% off a kids mountain bike that's sturdy enough for the trail but cool enough to show off.

    the red and black bike

    14. 44% off a cuffed pajama set so cozy and warm that it's basically impossible to imagine wearing anything else in the winter months.

    a model wearing the white and yellow patterned set

    15. 35% off a Revlon One-Step hair dryer brush perfect for people who want a ton of volume in their blowout, but don't have time for the full hair dryer routine in the morning.

    the black and red wired brush

    16. 40% off a SodaStream Terra so you can indulge your seltzer habit without adding quite so many bottles or cans to the landfill.

    the pink carbonating canister and the red machine

    17. 50% off a 60-pack of Sharpies for the artist, the office supply lover, or the middle school shoe doodler. Sharpies truly transcend all categories.

    a model drawing with a sharpie on a sticky note

    18. 50% off a portable bluetooth speaker that basically brings the party wherever it goes — in addition to booming sound, it's also outfitted with LEDs for that extra kick.

    the black speaker with red and green lights

    19. 60% off a rowing machine for all the benefits of rowing a boat, but without actually having to get to a body of water.

    a model using the red and black machine

    20. 37% off a retro mini fridge that's perfect for a few cans of soda, some snacks in your office, or even keeping your skincare cool and refreshing.

    the light blue retro fridge

    You'd better hurry, because these deals won't last forever and you'll be kicking yourself when you have to pay full price later.

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