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    14 "Dateline" Episodes That Feature Keith Morrison Being So Incredibly Keith Morrison

    "Oh, that pesky DNA."

    His lilting cadence, his majestic white bouffant, his poetic monologues, and his aggressively awkward interview questions... No disrespect to Josh Mankiewicz or Andrea Canning, but Keith Morrison is the best Dateline correspondent, and everybody knows it — not just Bill Hader.

    So here are 14 moments of Keith Morrison doing the most. Now you don't have to go clicking through the 30 seasons to find the episodes he hosts. You are welcome.

    (FYI, after researching and compiling this list, my inner monologue has full-on transformed to Keith Morrison's voice. I'm not mad about it.)

    1. "Kill Switch"

    Keith Morrison deep in thought with his index finger held up to his mouth

    2. "The Secret Keepers"


    3. "Strangers on a Train"

    A still from Dateline featuring the inside of a mostly empty train

    4. "The Disappearance of Debbie Hawk"

    Keith wide-eyed, looking at an interview subject skeptically

    5. "Crossing the Line"

    6. "A Story of Poison"

    close up shot of Keith in a suit looking sideways at the camera

    7. "The Night Before Christmas" Read by Keith Morrison

    8. "Into the Night"

    Keith Morrison stands in a courtroom looking seriously at the camera

    9. "The Waiting Car"

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    Columbo/ YouTube/ Uploaded by Cihy13 / Via

    "Oh, and one more thing, said the detectives..."

    Who gets it? Where my Columbo fans at? This Morrison moment makes me want to weep and explode with joy at the same time. With those three little words, Keith channels another one of my great investigative heroes: Lieutenant Columbo. 

    10. "Tangled"

    11. "The Black Candle Confession"

    "Built like a sequoia with biceps..."

    Keith coming in hot with the similes. Here's Keith describing big hunk of a bartender Corey Wieneke, whose brutal murder went unsolved for decades. A sad but fascinating episode involving a child witness who repressed her disturbing memories for most of her life. 

    12. "While She Was Sleeping"

    13. "The Man Who Talked to Dogs"

    two dogs

    14. "Suspicion in Silver City"

    Keith Morrison grins and holds up a coffee cup on set.

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    What's your favorite Keith Morrison episode? Let us know in the comments!