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    18 Times Jimmy Page Was Better Than You

    When is he NOT better than you?

    1. When he clothed himself in what appears to be 4 shirts and didn't give one single crap what anyone thought.

    2. When he played his guitar with a Violin Bow as if it was the easiest thing in the world to do.

    3. When he was contemplating his rock godness next to the ocean.

    4. When he rocked out on stage the way we do when we're alone in our bedrooms.

    5. When he wiped his brow while being the only person alive besides Prince who could wear an embroidered jacket without a shirt.

    6. When he moved his hair out of his face and you were instantly jealous.

    7. When he wore this pirate shirt and you realized you could never be as cool as him.

    8. When he unknowingly imitated Mick Jagger and it was on point.

    9. When he smiled and your heart melted.

    10. When he drank Orange Juice straight from the bottle.

    11. When he played his Gibson Double Neck guitar and wore the most creative pair of bell bottom pants ever made.

    12. When he literally hopped on stage with the Foo Fighters.

    13. When getting older didn't stop him from being the coolest cat in town.

    14. When he giggled like a school girl with Robert Plant.

    15. When his record and book library made you look like an amateur.

    16. When he sported this sweater vest like a boss.

    17. When he laughed like this and it was flipping adorable.

    18. When he knew without a doubt what he was put on this earth to do.