Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With Kiba, The English Bulldog

Can I count the ways why I love thee, Kiba? One of the most popular English bulldogs on Instagram! (

Kiba is really a boy, but many mistaken him to be a girl since he has natural black eyeliner (his “guyliner)

He can fall asleep to anything, even with a hedgehog on his head.

He celebrates Valentine’s Day, and will always ask you to be his Valentine.

He’ll also celebrate Christmas with you too.

He will watch you walk away and patiently wait for you to turn around to wave to him.

He’ll say hi with his two front teeth.

He thinks he’s a lion sometimes.

Or he thinks he’s a cat on the windowsill.

He also thinks he’s quite the ladies’ man.

Kiba is also a secret cowboy with his bandana.

Other times he thinks he is a doctor.

He also thinks he is a real rocket, absolutely out of this world.

Kiba is the next ET.

He could also be the next Stitch.

Ever since he was a puppy, he has always loved laps.

Even when he doesn’t quite fit on laps anymore, he’s insistent that he’s not as big as he looks.

He’ll take baths without complaining.

He makes the best of the situation (and will sleep on you if he has to).

He will also hold your hand as he sleeps.

Kiba loves to read, especially about other bullies.

He also has a great diet. He likes to eat cabbage…

…and Chinese veggie cabbage…

He also makes tacos from his bed.

Sometimes he’s sad…

Other times he’s happy

Most of the time he’s an emobully, being nonchalant and bored

Or he’ll give you the stink eye to warn you he’s tired.

Sometimes he’s really lazy.

But other times he’s contemplative.

Kiba is just a really regal bulldog.

How can you not fall in love with this face?

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