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Which 208 Girly Are You?

A room full of laughter! A room full of fun! Don't you wish you were on of us?

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  1. What's your go-to meal?

    Chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries
    Something from snap kitchen
    Some veggies and shrimp
    A mix of something I made and something my mom made for me
  2. When is your bed time?

    9:30 pm. SHARP.
    Usually around midnight
    Depends if I have a lab report due tomorrow or not
  3. Pregame music of choice?

    What's a pre game?
    Pussycat dolls
    I found this new mashup website, check it out
    A variety of rowdy ish
  4. Dream career?

    CEO/queen of the world
    Sports marketing graphic designer person, but it'll probably be different tomorrow
  5. How often do you do laundry?

    When I have absolutely nothing left to wear, so it takes 3-4 loads
    The real question is, how long do you leave it sitting on top of the dryer?
    Way too often
    Before I go out of town, so every frikin week
  6. Are you a party girly?

    Not my scene fam
    I was, until corporate America stole my soul
    I ruined like $500 worth of clothes this weekend
    Yes, but I still wake up at 6 the next day to be productive
  7. Who is your early 2000s alter ego?

    Lindsay Lohan
    Early Kim K
    Mary-Kate Olsen
    Ashlee Simpson
  8. What is your dream man like?

    Someone rich
    A guy with a man bun
    A superstar athlete
    Anyone as unaffectionate and unemotional as me
  9. What's your signature dance move?

    No matter what I do, my moves are FIRE
    Getting in a football huddle with random men and jumping in a circle
    Shakin ma booty
    Literally the worst dancer ever
  10. What is your bitmoji wearing?

    A pantsuit
    Cute lil outfit with a scarf
    Dress and booties
    A chambray shirt

Which 208 Girly Are You?

You got: Rebecca

You annoy your roomies with how bossy and confrontational you are. Whether it's to use a coaster or rinse dishes, you always have a demand but everyone puts up with you and somehow loves you anyways.

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You got: Micaela

Sweet on the outside, but evil on the inside! Your passive-aggressiveness will get the best of you eventually. You may leave the bathroom light or lamp on everyday, but everyone loves you anyways!

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You got: Taylor

Even though you go to bed while it's still light out, you're a blast in a glass! Your roomies love you, even though your version of washing is everyone else's version of rinsing.

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You got: Caroline

A hot mess!! You claim you know how to use the dishwasher, but do you really? It's okay, someone will get them eventually if you leave them on the kitchen table or next to the sink! The other roomies love you anyways.

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