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Is It Really Harder To Make Friends When You're Done With High School?

*This is for a job application* Whether or not it's harder, it's certainly different. School surrounds you with friends of convenience. Young adulthood is a whole other story.

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It can be pretty damn hard to make friends / Via

In school, you've got a ready-made friendship group waiting for you. You've got friends of convenience and proximity. Once you're out of that environment this whole making friends thing gets a little harder…

There are tons of reasons as to why you've found yourself craving a new BFF / Via

You could be the most extroverted, effervescent individual around. That doesn't you mean you won't find yourself friendless at some point in your new adult life.

Maybe you and your old friends have drifted apart / Via

It happens! People change. One day you might be sat at a restaurant when you have a friendship epiphany and realise that you're surrounded by heinous personalities. Or you guys have just grown apart… Something a little less dramatic than 'heinous' maybe.

But don’t worry. You're not doomed to be forever alone / Via

Thanks to, would you believe, ~the internet~ of all things, you can connect with nearby, like-minded people. Apps like The Friend Zone are designed to get you out there, mixing with a potential new squad.

And the phrase 'Singles in your Area' will take on a whole new meaning / Via

It's not spam anymore; you can find people that located somewhere convenient. Because let's be real. A long ass commute? That's so much effort…

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