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6 Ways To Kill The Game When You're A Broke AF Student

*This is for a job application* Being poor as hell can give you a major case of FOMO when you're at uni. But we've got you covered. You can be a frugal bugle and still slay your party game. Budgets aren't just your parents gig anymore.

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1. Pre-Gaming is a real money saver / Via

Alcohol and university go hand in hand. But alcohol can be pretty damn expensive. You'll stretch your student loan pretty thin if you keep buying rounds at the bar. Get your drink on before you go out and ride your pre-drinks buzz till the end of the night.

2. Pre-Game on the go / Via

But what if your buzz wears off before you get where you're going? Take your pre-drinks on the move and make yourself some journey juice. We've all seen people with a plastic bottle filled with liquid that is definitely not water, hanging out on public transport. Take a leaf out of their book and be an economical drinker. You're a dynamic young student. You don't have time to stay in one place. Take your party to the streets and save your cash for later.

3. Go dumpster diving / Via

This may sound gross but it's actually a totally legitimate way to get free food. Every supermarket throws produce that's going out of date the following day. Just post up behind a shop after it's closed, rummage through the bins and you'll be amazed at what you can find. My friends and I found a ton of pizza, onions and peppers, all wrapped in plastic bags so that it wasn’t touching the bin. Sell-by-dates are more of a suggestion anyway.

4. Homemade costumes

Rebecca Shortall / Via

A big part of university involves themed nights out. Toga parties, Halloween parties, Space-themed parties, Angels and Devils, Sailors, Traffic Light parties. That's only the tip of the iceberg (there's probably a Titanic themed party at some SU somewhere). Instead of hemorrhaging money at costume shops, make your costume from scratch. I made a whole ice cream costume out of just toilet roll and cardboard. I was the bell of the Halloween ball.

5. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the new Fridays / Via

There's no need to limit your partying to the weekend. Instead of going out on the super expensive Fridays and Saturdays, look out for student nights at the clubs in your area. There's always a ton of drinks deals on and, usually, if you get in there before 10 or 11pm, you'll probably get in for free. No cover charge = no problem.

6. Make a damn budget

Buzzfeed / Via

Budgeting isn't fun and there's nothing sexy about spreadsheets but budgeting can make your loan last a long ass time. Financial brands like Bor & Reid Associates offer student accounts and insurance that can help you make a budget without having to sit down with your parents in front of excel and watch as they struggle to use a computer while talking down to you about budgeting. Believe me. I've been there. It really sucks the fun out of the uni experience.

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