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I'm Worried No One Remembers How Good Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp Was

Although the third installment of the "Wet Hot American Summer" franchise, "Ten Years Later," recently debuted on Netflix, I'm troubled by the possibility that no one remembers how amazing the second iteration was. "Ten Years Later" was fine, I guess, but it didn't have nearly the same amount of cameos, magic or chemistry as "First Day of Camp" did. And so I invite you all to take a trip down memory lane to that time, all those years ago in the '80s, on the day that camp started and everyone definitely looked their age. And be aware that spoilers lie ahead!

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The sexual tension between Susie and Ben, however, is tepid at best.

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"There are a lot of people asking whether or not Ben and I are still a couple.... And the answer is, 'Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!'"

I still can't decide who my new favorite cast addition is because they're all so great.

John Early's character, Logan?

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He's 16 years old, he's from Tarrytown, New York, his favorite musical is Annie, his favorite season winter, and his favorite actor is, of course, the great Ben Vereen.

And then there are the ad men of Madison Avenue: Jon Hamm as The Falcon, President Reagan's hired assassin...

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Maybe this is what he's really up to when he doesn't come home to Betty and the kids at night?

No, none of those will do. My favorite cast addition has to be Chris Pine's injured rock star character, Eric. Nothing else will satisfy me.

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"Genius is a curse, Lindsay. I've got all this poetry inside of me, but it's all locked up. My music is in a prison of my own making."

We are also privy to several origin stories in "WHAS: First Day of Camp," tying everything into a messy, incongruent bow.

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