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    10 Reasons Why Pushing Daisies Should Never Have Been Cancelled

    There is no way we can survive without Ned's pies.

    1. Because it is actual food porn / Via

    Try not to get hungry watching this show. I dare you.

    2. Because Lee Pace

    3. Because Lee Pace is DEFINITELY worth more than one point / Via

    Worth much more than two really...

    4. Because Chuck's hair game was always on point / Via

    Not to mention her disguises kill it (pun not intended).

    5. Because Emerson Cod is the perfect realist

    6. Because Olive is all of us / Via

    Just the right amount of awkward without the cringe factor.

    7. Because Ned and Chuck are the perfect team / Via

    And Emerson too, but you know...

    8. Because Ned and Chuck are WAY too cute / Via

    Unconventional relationship goals.

    9. Because Ned is completely adorable / Via

    If that doesn't make you smile, you're not human.

    10. Because it is completely different / Via

    Name any other show where this would happen. / Via

    Brian Fuller, we salute you!

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