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    26 Photos Of Puglia That Will Make You Wonder Why You Thought The Amalfi Coast Was The Best Italy Has To Offer

    Positano, who?!

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    If you haven't heard of Puglia, it's the stunning region of Italy in the "heel" of the boot.

    Map of Italy

    1. Puglia is filled with gems, some hidden and some not so hidden... my favorite being the natural pools of Marina Serra.

    Natural pools overlooking the Adriatic Sea

    2. Also, for us 💜purple people💜...yes, the algae is our ~aesthetic~!

    purple algae

    3. Also, let's be honest. The best way to judge a place is by how it dresses up for the holidays, and wow Puglia SHOWS UP!

    Christmas atmosphere in the little town Locorotondo in Puglia, Italy

    4. Also, have I mentioned the beaches?

    Beaches in Puglia

    5. And don't get me started on the food! As expected, Puglia has the freshest seafood.

    Seafood panini

    6. And if you're into picnic culture, don't worry, you can get your panini to go. Imagine eating here.

    Empty beach

    7. But if you hate takeaway, there are plenty of rooftop cafes with sea views.

    Creamy frappe

    8. The coast is lined with grottos, some that are easy to find...

    9. And some that are a bit more hidden.

    10. The region has architecture unlike anything I've ever seen. Head to the town of Alberobello for a glimpse of these traditional Trulli homes.

    Trulli homes in Alberobello

    11. Then there's the rock formations of Torre Sant'Andrea.

    12. You'll want to grab some gelato after a long day at the beach. Thankfully, you're never too far from a gelateria.

    Gelato with three different flavors

    13. Now it's time to talk about my favorite town, Polignano a Mare.

    14. It literally looks like blue Gatorade!

    Sea in Polignano a Mare

    15. The town is best known for two things. First, this restaurant.

    Grotta Palazzese restaurant, set in a cave in the cliffs at Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy

    16. And second, this beach.

    Beach in Polgnano a Mare

    17. Polignano a Mare is a town built on sea caves, which is what makes it so unique!

    18. And if you like desserts, don't worry — there are plenty of pastries to go around.

    Italian pastries

    19. I can assure you waking up for sunrise is worth it!

    sunrise in Puglia

    20. But for all us night owls, it's gorgeous throughout the entire day.

    sunny day in Puglia

    21. If you love burrata, you'll be happy to know that Puglia is the birthplace of this iconic cheese — and you'll find it on menus across the region.

    Fresh burrata cheese

    22. Fish when they hear about burrata...

    23. Also, side note: If you're looking for a place to stay in Lecce, you just might meet this absolute BABY of a cat.

    Cat sticking it's head out the window

    24. In case you're worried there aren't enough grottos to choose from, there's also Grotto del Ciolo.

    25. And when you're all grotto'd out, you can explore the cute maze of streets.

    White door in Puglia

    26. Wherever you go in Puglia, you'll find something beautiful.

    girl walking on rocks by the sea

    There's so much to see, but don't just take my word for it — add Puglia to your bucket list and thank me later!

    Aerial view of beautiful coastline in Italy, Puglia

    What's the first thing you're doing when you arrive?!