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12 Adventurous Yet Romantic Honeymoon Destinations To Consider

If you're planning your honeymoon, or just dreaming of one, here's the inspo you need! I've gathered all the honeymoon destinations I'm considering in one place, so help a girl out and let me know which one is your favorite!

As a lover of all things travel, I knew I didn't want to honeymoon somewhere expected like Mexico, Jamaica, or the Bahamas.

While the Caribbean can be a beautiful place for a vacation, I wanted to go somewhere a little more adventurous and a little further than a 2 hour flight from my hometown in South Florida.

As a pandemic bride, I still haven't decided on a honeymoon destination. We've postponed our honeymoon indefinitely, so we can make sure it's safe for both us and the local populations of the country we choose to visit. 

So, of course, with an unending amount of time to plan my dream honeymoon, I'm absolutely stuck on where to go, but here's a list of all the contenders!


Famous white volcanic rock beach in Milos, known as Sarakiniko beach.

I'm obsessed with these private pool suites in Milos. They're extremely romantic and the hotel is also adults-only (sorry, kids!)


lush forested mountains with large staggered waterfalls

Of course I scoured the internet for overwater bungalows. And I found these in Phu Quoc, Vietnam for less than $100 per night!

Wooden bungalows over the water in Vietnam with a forested mountain set behind it.


swarm of boat floating in the bay

I'm also into all the regal palace vibes, so I considered staying this 17th-century chateaux.

View from the balcony overlooking the Maltese countryside at golden hour, right before sunset. Birds flying in the distance.


Tall rock formations jutting out of the ground, with clear ocean waters, and a white sand beach. Tall palm trees towering over the sands, and a few traditional boats floating near the shore.

And of course I considered renting out a private island, because dreams really do come true.


Lake Bled in Slovenia with small island in the center of the lake that has a church on it, with mountains in the background

For something more adventurous, I thought why go camping when you could go glamping?


I love a mountain retreat, so I was drooling over the views at Eco House Merisi.


But I also love the idea of mountains+sea at Club Med Cefalù.

modern cliffside suites in Sicily's countryside with mountains in the background


Aerial view of a small sandy island (sand bank) with tourist boats and tourists in the Indian Ocean. Location: Menai Bay, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

And The Giraffe Manor is a fancy hotel at the very top of my wish list!

Three giraffes sticking their head into the manor through large windows to eat and see guests


Wintry scene of snow, multi-colored aurora borealis and stars in the night sky over the Black church at Budir on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland

But instead of something tropical or warm, I dream of watching the northern lights in a Buubble.

a clear bubble sleeping dome with bed underneath the open Iceland skies perfect for watching the northern lights


A collection of small island in Thailand with tall tree covered rock formations, white sand beaches, and clear blue ocean waters.

And thinking back to private islands, there's Cape Fahn.


Red stone canyon path leading to Petra's treasury in Jordan, with camel sitting in front of the stone structure.

Since I love the desert vibes, I quickly favorited Sun City Camp in Wadi Rum.

View from inside the martian dome texts with bed and two lounge chairs and large windows looking out at the desert.

12. But possibly the most ✨extra✨ honeymoon idea on my list is the luxury overnight train trip from Venice to London on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

All this to say, we still have no idea where we're going for our honeymoon!

Do you have recommendations for non-traditional honeymoon spots that I missed? Leave it in the comments, I could use all the help I can get!