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7 princesas que merecem mais atenção

Ser "princesa" não é um insulto.

Mariam Ansar One year ago

Here Are Some Unsettling Stories About Witches And Their Pets From English History

Witches have associated with cats for centuries. The man behind @Witchcourt explains why.

Patrick Smith One year ago

7 princesses qui méritent plus d'attention

Demandez donc à Leia, à Starfire ou à Tornade si elles doivent rougir de leur ascendance royale.

Mariam Ansar 2 years ago

初めてのキスは覚えてる? 女性なら誰もが体験する33の「初めて」の時


BuzzFeed Japan 2 years ago

7 mujeres de ficción que redefinen lo que significa ser princesa

¿Usas "princesa" como insulto? Pues mira, tal vez no.

Mariam Ansar 2 years ago

7 Princesses Who Deserve More Attention

Use "princess" as an insult? Yeah, maybe not.

Mariam Ansar 2 years ago

Two Funerals And A Funeral

It's said that life comes at you in threes. Sometimes death does too.

Rebecca Hendin 2 years ago

People Have Been Having Weird Election Dreams So We Decided To Draw Them

Here's to the ones who dream, crazy as they may seem.

Rebecca Hendin 2 years ago

33 premières fois que toutes les femmes ont connues

Vous vous souvenez de votre premier baiser? Et de la première fois où on vous a sifflée quand vous marchiez dans la rue ?

Bibiñe Barud 2 years ago

33 coisas que toda garota já passou

Você se lembra do seu primeiro beijo? E da primeira vez que alguém te passou uma cantada na rua?

Bibiñe Barud 2 years ago

33 erste Male, die jede Frau irgendwann erlebt

Erinnerst du dich an deinen ersten Kuss? Wie sieht es mit dem ersten Mal aus, als dir jemand hinterher gepfiffen hat, während du einfach nur vorbei gegangen bist?

Bibiñe Barud 2 years ago

If Hogwarts Were A Crap British School

Things would be a bit less whimsical.

Hannah Jewell 2 years ago

33 First Times Every Woman Has Experienced

Do you remember your first kiss? How about the first time someone catcalled you while you were walking down the street?

Bibiñe Barud 2 years ago
Susie Armitage 2 years ago

33 Primeras veces que marcaron la vida de todas las mujeres

¿Te acuerdas de tu primer beso?... ¿Y de tu primera nalgada en la calle?

Bibiñe Barud 2 years ago

Behind The Stunning Art And Animation Of "Kubo And The Two Strings"

Director Travis Knight reveals how Laika Studios created its latest stop-motion animated masterpiece.

Rebecca Hendin 3 years ago
Victor Stepanov 3 years ago

20 Cosas que pueden suceder cuando tienes un trío sexual

Cuando entre la fantasía y la realidad hay una (o más) persona(s). Advertencia: NSFW.

lucasfauno 3 years ago

Así sería la Argentina si se hubiera filmado en Hollywood

Dijo la crítica argentina: "La mejor película de la historia". Dijo la crítica extranjera: "¡Meh!"

Mariano Lago 3 years ago

10 Very Important Questions Answered By Philomena Cunk

"I don’t really know any politicians. I used to like that grey man who was always in the news. Major John. He was funny. I think he should have been prime minister."

Scott Bryan 3 years ago