We Illustrated Your Incredibly Weird Dreams About Jeremy Corbyn

    People can't stop thinking about the Labour MP.

    Over this summer Jeremy Corbyn has risen from relative obscurity to become the clear favourite to be elected the next Labour leader. As Corbynmania has swept through the party he's been having a strange effect on the British public, dominating their thoughts and seeping into every aspect of their lives – even their dreams.

    And because this is 2015, people have been turning to Twitter to share their lurid dreams of Corbyn, many of them collated by university lecturer Chris Brooke. We at BuzzFeed decided to select some of these Corbyn dreams and bring them to life. This is the result:


    I had a dream last night that Jeremy Corbyn came to my house. I gave him some cheese and he complained about said cheese. Hard taskmaster.


    Last night I dreamt that Jeremy Corbyn was sending me his campaign letters in a silver envelope because I was his favourite #jezzalovesme


    @chrisbrooke Finally dreamt about @jeremycorbyn we were in the cinema watching The Simpsons, eating popcorn and discussing renationalisation


    Last night I dreamt I spent Christmas with Jeremy Corbyn, it was very chilled out.


    Last night I dreamed @jeremycorbyn was my Maths teacher, trying to get me to solve a series of paradoxes involving tomatoes as cricket balls


    I had a dream last night that Jeremy Corbyn let me borrow his boat to go rowing. What a nice chap. ⛵


    Last night I dreamt that @JudeStone and I were in a yoga class being taught by Jeremy Corbyn. He was pretty good.


    Had the most vivid dream last night that I ranted at Jeremy Corbyn at a picnic. He got upset and stormed off but Mary Creagh high-fived me.


    Dreamed I had an affair with Jeremy Corbyn last night. It was very chaste. We just held hands a lot. And that's my political chat for today.