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5 Confidence Busting Habits You Probably Aren't Even Aware Of

If you’re preparing for a big interview, or gearing up for a presentation, you probably want to project a confident image, right? While you might have rehearsed what you’re going to say, chances are you’re going to be giving off way more unconscious signals that might not even be aware of. Are you guilty of these confidence busting habits?

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1. Playing with your hair

Sure, it might look flirty in a bar, but in a professional setting, you look like you’re reaching for a comfort blanket! Keep your hands off your hair to project a more confident image.

2. Biting your nails

It might be an unconscious habit that you’ve had for years, but biting your nails is not only super gross, it also makes you look like you’re terrified. Not quite the confident image you’re trying to project.

3. Slouching

You might need a few yoga classes to stretch out those back muscles and lengthen your spine but it will be well worth it for the boost it will have to your confidence.

4. The ‘Um’ and ‘Er’

When the spotlight is on you, it feels like you have to fill every moment of silence. In reality, you can afford to take a breath or a sip of water. Don’t feel you need to fill every silence with an ‘um’ or an ‘er’.

5. The fake smile

Nothing says “Don’t believe a word I just said” like a fake smile. If you’re shy about your smile, speak to a private dentist about what you can do to change it. Even a trip to the dental hygienist could boost your confidence enough to get you smiling.

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