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19 Words That Have A Different Meaning In Northern Ireland

O, yer from Norn Iron so ye are?

1. "Greasy"

2. "Thee"

Luca Russell / Via

What it normally means: A Shakespearean term for "you" or "your".

What it means in Northern Ireland: Three. As in, "Thee 'a them buns love."

3. "Mon"

4. "To fuck"

Matthew Mckeown / Via

What it normally means: To have sex.

What to means in Northern Ireland: To be completely exasperated, to the point of giving up. As in, "'Mon t'fuck".

5. "Tara"

6. "Like"

7. "Grand so"

8. "Craic"

9. "Wile"

10. "Catch on"

11. "Chip"

12. "Is that you?"

13. "Millie"

14. "Buck"

15. "Fadge"

16. "Melted"

17. "Baltic"

18. "Cuddy"

19. "Iron"