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    46 Reasons You Should Stay In Belfast Forever

    Burgers, bars, buildings, and a hell of a lot more.

    1. Because the locals are great craic.

    Facebook: Limelight / Via Facebook: limelightbelfast

    They're wrongfully thought of as being a rowdy bunch (and they can be occasionally). But most of the time, you're welcomed in with open arms.

    2. Because there are so many bars here.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: antxoa

    You can find the full list here, but The Spaniard, The Dirty Onion and Cloth Ear are all top watering holes in the Cathedral Quarter.

    3. And the bars look like this.

    Cat Morley / Via

    4. And this.

    Lorenzo Mosica/Archivolatino/Red / Via

    It's pretty cool when your local dates back to 1826.

    5. Because there's amazing architecture everywhere.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: nicokaiser

    This is Custom House Square, another example of Belfast's Victorian heritage. There's usually some sort of festival or event on in the Square (another reason to love living here).

    6. And the insides of buildings are beautiful too.

    Miss Copenhagen / Via Creative Commons / Flickr: comawe

    That's inside Harland & Wolff's Headquarters.

    7. Because you know you're home when you see Samson & Goliath from the plane.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: massiveblur

    8. Or maybe it's when you fly over Slieve Donard.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: erase

    9. Because it makes you kinda proud that people choose to film so many series here.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: spatial_pan

    They film The Fall in the city, and countless other productions around Northern Ireland. This is Ballintoy Beach... 10 points if you know where it appears in Game Of Thrones.

    10. Because the city is literally surrounded with natural beauty.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: 64320477@N05

    11. Just look at this.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: glenncartmill

    12. Because when you want a day out, you can just visit your local castle.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: black-and-white-prints

    This one's in Carrickfergus.

    13. And you can literally take your pick of castles.

    John Purvis / Via Creative Commons /

    This is Dunluce Castle (or what remains of it).

    14. Because Northern Ireland's coastline is definitely on a par with the rest of Ireland's.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: benamunra

    15. And there are epic coastal walks everywhere.

    Uccia Graziella Russo / Via Creative Commons / Flickr: 61605871@N07

    16. Because we even have our own castle.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: e_phots

    Creatively named, Belfast Castle.

    17. Because once a year, our parks are lit up with the Festival of Light.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: mrulster

    This is Mount Stewart, which happens to be framed with lights and music during the festival. However, there are other monuments in the city that are lit up too.

    18. Because look at our city hall.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: rwp-roger

    19. Because we know how to do Christmas Markets.

    Belfast Christmas Markets / Via

    The market's been named 2nd best in the United Kingdom!

    20. In fact, we do all markets really, really well.

    Via Facebook: StGeorgesMarketBelfast

    Yes, St George's Markets have all the lovely local produce from around Northern Ireland (and some excellent breakfasts), but you can also buy a proper farmers cap, see some live music AND be totally sheltered from the rain (it's an indoor market!).

    21. Because you'll never go hungry here.

    Via Facebook: belfastalleycat

    If anything, there are too many restaurants to choose from. Alley Cat is your man if you want a big old burger with plenty of fries.

    22. Because we have fresh seafood being served in the city, daily.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: fillyc

    It's one of the benefits of being a coastal city. Here's the full list of delicious places to eat in Belfast, including steaks, cakes and more.

    23. Because our standard shopping centre has a viewpoint at the top of it.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: infomatique

    Although Victoria Square might look like a spaceship from the outside, it's actually because there's a glass globe inside you can climb to the top of for a panorama of the city.

    24. Because in summer, your walk home from work might look like this.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: 13857315@N06

    25. Especially if you have a waterfront apartment.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: infomatique

    26. Because our waterfront actually looks pretty fantastic at night.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: jonnymckee

    This is the Queens Bridge and the Beacon of Hope. So yeah, take that, London, Paris, Sydney...

    27. Because our skyline is pretty damn fantastic, too.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: nicokaiser

    28. Because our city has a unique history.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: nicokaiser

    The SS Nomadic was the tender to RMS Titanic. She was built in Belfast in 1910, but she was too big to get into Cherbourg Harbour. You can now visit her in the Titanic Quarter.

    29. And that history is worn on our sleeves.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: magistra-montgomery

    We might have a nice waterfront, but we also have murals that could rival Berlin's.

    30. Because we make delicious whiskey.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: mariejirousek

    Bushmills Distillery was founded in the early 17th century, and they've been providing the city with delicious single malt whiskey ever since. Mmmmmhm.

    31. Because we have clubs hidden under our buildings.

    Via Facebook: 361655524012202

    See, told you the locals were great craic.

    32. Because we also have a lively music scene.

    Via Facebook: sketchybelfast

    Most of the bars (like Ollies) will have live music during the week, Limelight and the Union do "medium" sized gigs from well known acts. There are occasional acts on at The Empire ,and the Odyssey is where you get the musical heavyweights. The Waterfront Hall hosts classical musicians, shows, and musicals. And the Grand Opera House is the oldest theatre in Belfast.

    33. Because we also have an award winning university.

    fatin raihanna / Via Flickr: fatinraihanna

    Queen's is part of the Russell Group.

    34. And look how pretty it is.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: infomatique

    35. Because we have beautiful cathedrals and churches hiding in the city.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: richardbrowne

    This amazing picture was taken inside St Anne's Cathedral.

    36. Because our churches look like this on the inside.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: belfastsocrates

    This is St Malachy's on Alfred Street.

    37. Because you could wander around our Botanic Gardens all day.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: 82955120@N05

    38. And lose yourself in its rose gardens.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: infomatique

    39. Because Belfast looks beautiful in the winter too.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: fatinraihanna

    40. Because our cafes do proper, cosy, winter food to warm you up again.

    Via Facebook: loveanddeathincbelfast

    "Dipping sandwiches" (a.k.a. toasties and soup) at Love & Death Inc <3

    41. Because Maggies serves hugs in mugs.

    42. Which you need when it looks like this outside.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: firebladeken

    The Mourne Mountains make a beautiful backdrop to the city.

    43. But when the winter's over, we get to go to places like this in the summer.

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: spatial_pan

    44. Because Portrush Beach is perfect.

    Via Flickr: carisenda

    Don't pretend you don't want to run back to Barry's every summer.

    45. Basically, you should never leave Belfast...

    Via Creative Commons / Flickr: e_phots

    46. ...because this city is awesome.

    Next Trip Tourism / Via

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