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28 Reasons To Visit Newcastle, NSW

Hipsters, history, and more great things beginning with H.

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4. Merewether Suburbs

It's like it's been infested with interior designers who surf on the weekends...we think it's all those hipsters nesting (see 16).

The house featured here is accepting offers over $3 million, if you're interested.

9. The Bogeyhole / Via

If you're a foreigner you're probably thinking 'bogey hole...whaaaat?!', but the Bogeyhole is actually a sea bath. Lieutenant Morriset had convicts build it in 1820 for his own personal use; but now it's well loved local hideout.

10. The Foreshore

The Foreshore is a great option if you're one of those awful people who hate sand and won't step foot on a beach (why are you in Newcastle?). But seriously, Newy's Foreshore is a great option when you don't want to get your feet wet. From here, walk along to The Brewery, or...

11. Customs House / Via Flickr

This is a pretty historic building, and inside you'll find a bar/restaurant type thing. If they don't have a function on, it's a great place to sit outside & watch the sun go down.

12. Honeysuckle / Via

It just sounds idyllic, doesn't it? Honeysuckle's dining precinct is far less rowdy, far more upmarket. It's a great place to eat (if you have loads of money), and pretend you own one of the yachts sailing by.

13. Queen's Wharf Tower

It's an awesome vantage point, but you're better off walking up before you've visited The Brewery. The stairs look deceptively few in number.

14. Sunday Farmers Market / Via Tumblr

They do have wonderful fresh seasonal produce, blablabla, but they also have a Mini Dutch Pancakes Stall AND samples in the cheese tent. So many samples. If you need more than that you are impossible to please.

17. 4WD on Stockton Beach / Via Flickr

This is why we love Newcastle. You can be all hipster in one of the quirky little cafes, or you can be driving around Stockon Beach on a quad bike.

(Or, you can stop stereotyping and do both.)

19. Bathers Way Walk / Via

This makes for a challenging run, but you see lots of Merewether yoga-mums power walking their prams up The Hill too. There's an awesome view from the top, which makes the blistering hill sprint kind of worth it.

20. Merewether Surfhouse

We're just going to put this out there, on the end of the coastal walk you're able to find delicious $10 pizzas on the beachfront. It's basically the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Go forth, and conquer.

22. Surfers

Is this bad? Let's be honest, I don't care. Those not surfing are usually looking at the surfers. If ya know what I'm saying.

24. The University

The University itself is ranked 9th in Australia, and one of the best Universities under 50 in the world. The student body of 35,000 helps keep the city fresh, except for Wednesdays (that's student night).

25. International Student Base

Of that 35,000, over 6,000 are international students - Olá!

26. Sweet Traditions, The Junction / Via Fairfax

The lolly Gods rained down on this store...The Junction has loads of great restaurants, but none of them sell Vimto, Hula Hoops or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The lady behind the till is always lovely too.

27. Bookshops

There are tiny shops crammed with old books all over Newcastle, and that combined with the coffee makes it a bookworms dream.

28. It's not Sydney.

If you ask Novocastrian locals, this is probably one of their favourite things about this city.

It has enough going on to keep you occupied, but it's also quiet enough for you to hear your own thoughts. You can escape to the beach for the weekend, without having to elbow small children for towel space (ahem, Bondi). Darby, Hunter and Beaumont St have adapted to integrate the European cafe culture, which is far from the hustle & bustle of Sydney.

This city has been built into one of Australia's best kept secret cities, and it's going to bloom within the next 10 years. Watch this space.