Watch Obama Supporters Melt Down In Real Time

This email thread from a Virginia pro-Obama listserv offers a glimpse into tension in the hope-and-change crowd. “We’re supposed to be the adult party.”

1. An invitation to protest Paul Ryan:

2. Initially, there was enthusiasm.

3. But the critics soon began piling on.

4. They tore each other apart over how they ought to best show their support for Obama.

5. The thread turned into a debate about protests and passion in American politics.

6. The difference between effective organizing, and political involvement that is simply self-gratifying.

7. One individual brought MLK and the Selma marches into the conversation.

8. There were attempts at de-escalating the argument.

9. But the internal bickering ultimately turned some Obama supporters off for good.

11. “This is how elections get lost,” wrote one listserv member.

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