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Four Citizens Thrown Off Florida's Voting Rolls

Florida Governor Rick Scott has embarked on an extensive effort to purge individuals from Florida's voter list, Think Progress reported. 1,638 people in Florida received letters informing them that they are ineligible to vote.

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Maureen Russo

Russo, 60, is a dog groomer and small business owner who registered to vote in Florida four decades ago. She will be removed from voter registration rolls unless she requests a hearing to prove her citizenship.

Bill Internicola

Internicola, 91, is a WWII veteran from Brooklyn who has been informed, "[You] are not a citizen." Though he has been voting in Flordia for 14 years, Internicola is ineligible to vote unless he provides the Supervisor of Elections with proof of citizenship.

Archibald Bowyer

Bowyer, 91, a WWII Navy corpsman, moved to the United States as a 2-year-old and has lived in Tampa, Fla. for over 30 years. In an interview with Tampa Bay Online, he speculated as to why he was put on the list of ineligible voters: "When I have to put down where I was born and I say Canada, people assume, he's a foreigner."

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