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BuzzFeed Veepstakes: July 31

After a weekend of Olympic festivities and aggressive campaigning by the veep hopefuls, the speculation ramps up again.

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Welcome to BuzzFeed Veepstakes, your daily guide to Mitt Romney's search for a running mate.

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CNN: With Romney away, possible VP picks defend home turf

"As Mitt Romney makes waves overseas, his campaign has deployed a crowd of possible vice presidential picks to continue hammering home the Republican candidate’s message on American soil. The slew of high-profile surrogates covered the country over the weekend hounding President Barack Obama for what they say is a failed economic and foreign policy, all the while singing Romney’s praise."

Huffington Post: Ann Romney's Horse A Factor In Mitt Romney's VP Selection Process?

"When Mitt Romney returns from his week-long trip to Europe this week, the media's obsessive coverage over who the Republican will pick as his running mate will kick into overdrive. One clue to consider as the press seeks to figure out not just who he'll choose, but when he'll announce it, is Ann Romney's schedule."

New York Magazine: John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney Looking for a VP Who Can Rev Up the Right Flank

"On today's Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough said former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty would be the best fit for Mitt Romney's running mate because "he is every bit as human and relaxed as Mitt Romney seems politically to be stiff and awkward." But while our own John Heilemann said T-Paw is certainly still "in the mix," he's not yet ready to rule out other potential candidates."

Politico: Rob Portman’s ‘genteel’ conservatism

"Sen. Rob Portman is a Bush man, all right. But just not the Bush you may be thinking of. In both his political education and political identity, Portman is much more closely aligned with the 41st president than with the 43rd. The Ohio senator and GOP vice-presidential finalist got his start in national politics on George H.W. Bush’s 1980 presidential campaign and partly owes his first congressional victory to former first lady Barbara Bush, who recorded a radio ad name-dropping Cincinnati’s Skyline Chili and Portman in the same sentence. And overall, his views and political style are more reminiscent of the first President Bush: center-right, bipartisan, results-oriented and gentlemanly, if not terribly charismatic."

AP: Portman: Boring in the Beltway, not on the rapids

"CINCINNATI (AP) — A few months before becoming a fixture in political speculation about Mitt Romney's search for a running mate while often being referred to as boring, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman was in a way-too-thrilling situation on a river in South America. He credits remembering a move he saw in a Mel Gibson movie with helping him survive."

NBC: Portman predicts Pennsylvania will turn red in Nov.

"LANCASTER, PA -- Even though a Republican presidential candidate has not won the Keystone State since 1988, one of Mitt Romney's top surrogates who just happens to be a potential vice presidential pick said he has "a feeling" Pennsylvania will turn red this November."

Slate: Bobby Jindal’s Science Problem

"It’s an election year, and plenty of things seem to matter to voters, including health care, the budget, unemployment, and women’s rights. But this year, as always, one of the things that doesn’t seem to matter is science. That’s particularly troubling because just about every challenge that America faces today has a scientific component, from revitalizing the economy to dealing with climate change to managing health care."

Univision: Bill Richardson: I’m “afraid” of Marco Rubio

"Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson says that he is afraid of Marco Rubio’s ability to cut into President Obama’s Latino support. Richardson, a Mexican-American who ran against Obama in 2008 for the Democratic presidential nomination, said that the freshman Florida senator is one of the Republican Party’s fastest-rising stars who could make the GOP more appealing to Latino voters both in this election and in future ones."

The Hill: Sens. McCain, Ayotte warn against defense cuts ahead of town halls

"Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Monday that the approaching automatic defense spending cuts would cause significant job losses and undermine national security. 'It's a very serious situation. Congress should sit down, Republicans and Democrats, and work this out, but we also need the president's leadership to call us together and avoid these cuts, again, that Secretary [Leon] Panetta said would be 'devastating' to our national defense,' said McCain on CNN's "Starting Point."


At age four, precocious Piyush Jindal decided he needed a new name for himself. Inspired by the youngest member of The Brady Bunch, Piyush settled on "Bobby." Nearly 40 years later, it seems like the name stuck. Jury's out on whether his Brady Bunch obsession was quite as long-lasting.

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Jindal on Colin Powell: "For every vote he brings in, he may take certain votes out."

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