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14 Ways To Tell Whether You Support Obama Or Romney

CivicScience harvested polling data to compile a list of characteristics that correlate with presidential candidate preferences. It's mostly about cats and dogs.

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2. Look forward to the Halloween-time scary movies?

If horror films rank high up on your list of all-time favorite movies, you're more likely to support the incumbent this year. Action movie lovers tend to go for Romney.

3. Cars, cars, cars

If you can rattle off the latest NASCAR standings, or have Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s model car on your desk at work, you can be counted on to vote Republican come election day. Same goes for hunters, recreational fishermen, and country music fans.


5. Humming "Bad Romance" as you walk down the street?

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Or perhaps "Single Ladies"? If you're a fan of Lady Gaga or Beyonce, it's pretty unlikely that you're hoping for a Romney victory in November.


13. Morning People

If you feel like this little green guy when your alarm clock wakes you, odds are you'll vote Obama come November. If you like to rise with the sun though, Romney can probably count on your support.

14. And because animals really should be the deciding factor in everything...

Meow! Obama generally appeals more to the feline-loving population. If you prefer dogs, or else don't like pets at all, you'll tend to back Romney.

CivicScience, a polling startup, collected responses from hundreds of online polls, using cookies to track, and later develop, a profile of each respondent. The company ran over 15,000 questions against the question, "If the 2012 Presidential election was held today, who would you vote for?" It then compiled a list of 255 questions that correlated strongly (had a p-value of less than 0.05) with the respondent's presidential preference. This list is a selection from those 255 responses.

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