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    25 Infuriating Moments From The Hills

    7 years later, and I'm still annoyed.

    1. Lauren telling Heidi she hates Spencer and Heidi still gets back with him

    2. That whole conversation between Heidi and her mother regarding her plastic surgeries

    3. Jen Bunney hooking up with Brody when she knew Lauren liked him

    4. Audrina, Lo, and Stephanie accusing Kristin of using drugs

    5. Heidi and Jordan gatecrashing the Teen Vogue party and causing a scene

    6. Spencer going crazy for crystals

    7. Audrina shaving Lauren's cat

    8. Stephanie dating Doug behind Lauren's back

    9. Lauren not investing in waterproof mascara

    10. Justin Bobby abandoning Audrina at a party

    11. Lo and Lauren adopting a puppy without telling Audrina

    12. Spencer punching Stephanie's ex-boyfriend

    13. Heidi inviting herself to Lauren's 23rd Birthday and making her cry

    14. Jason being a dick to Lauren on New Years Eve

    15. Spencer "apologising" to Lauren on the phone for the sex tape rumour

    16. Justin Bobby making out with a random in front of Audrina

    17. Stephanie being a general flake working at People's Revolution

    18. Spencer and Heidi taunting Jason and Lauren

    19. Spencer ending his friendship with Brody over Lauren

    20. Lauren wrecking a really expensive dress in Paris and was able to receive a new one without consequences

    21. Jason forgetting to tell Lauren that he's engaged

    22. Brody not standing up for Audrina when Jayde yelled at her

    23. The whole "You know what you did!" drama with Lauren and Heidi

    24. Lauren choosing to spend the summer with Jason instead of going to Paris!

    25. That whole fucking ending!