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    5 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

    "NSYNC was better-" Sorry we can't hear you over the the fact that we have a movie.

    The Backstreet Boys is the name of a boy band that has been around since 1993. This month will mark their 22nd year together, which is a huge feat to accomplish.

    They've made no secret about their love for the fans, and let's face it: back in the day the Backstreet Army (as the fanbase was named a couple of years ago) would have put the Directioners to shame.

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    Remember when they shut down Brazil?

    Fans have come and gone, as they tend to do. Those who stuck around have definitely been around long enough to see what the guys go through. There’s some things that are said so often, that it begins to get annoying after a while, so without further adieu, here are the 5 sayings that annoy most of the Backstreet Boys fans.

    #5: "Backstreet's Back"


    We don't mean the song. The song rocks, it's kind of the theme of the BSB fandom.

    No, what we mean is it's being used as a way to say they've come back to the music scene. News flash: it's hard to have a comeback when you've never left.

    #4 "BSB Reunites"


    "Reunion Tour", "BSB Reunion", or anything else like that applies as well. There is no reunion. They never broke up. Kevin may have left for six years but the guys continued without him (so don't lose hope, 1D fans). In fact, remember NKOTBSB?

    #3: "Aren't they like 40?"


    Uh, no, only three are 40+. Besides, who cares? Michael Jackson was performing up until his death. The Rolling Stones are on tour. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr still perform as well. Old age doesn't mean you can't perform your ass off for your fans.

    #2 "They only do it for the money!"


    Yes, because that's their JOB, and people do their JOBS to get MONEY. What a foreign concept! Lucky for the fans, they love their job so it's not as tedious getting the paycheck.

    #1: "They will never be as big as (enter big in the now group here)."

    Honorable Mention: "NSYNC was better!"


    NSYNC may have broke the internet for a while when they had a reunion performance (that mainly looked like Justin Timberlake featuring NSYNC but hey, no judgements), but BSB has a Hollywood Star and a movie.

    But if you think that NSYNC is better, that's okay. We can agree to disagree.