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    10 Times Juice Ortiz Was The Best Son On Sons Of Anarchy

    We're still not over the Puerto Rican from Queens (who speaks better Yiddish than Spanish). Also, season 7 spoilers. Don't read it if you can't handle spoilers.

    Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz was a character on the now finished Sons of Anarchy. He started out as the biker nerd, and turned into something so different as the seasons progressed. Despite the character's problematic choices, Juice is somewhat of a fan favorite, and people still defend his character even though he is gone.

    To honor Juice, we've compiled a list of the ten times he was the show's absolute best character.

    #1: The Time He Called Jax Teller On His Crap

    mrjuiceortiz / Via

    When Jax wanted to go Nomad, he had to ask Juice for his proxy vote. Juice was going to give a yes vote, knowing that the Nomad idea had been coming for some time, but he wasn't going to give it without reminding Jax of the words he'd told a prospecting Juice.

    #2: When He Was The Only One Who Directly Asked Tig Why He Was Such A Dick

    mrjuiceortiz / Via

    We get it, Tig. Juice made a mistake and gave crystal to a dog, not knowing it was going to turn the dog into a killing machine. We get your ass hurts. Luckily, Juice had had enough after Tig threatened fellatio on him and asked the question that had been on all of our minds from day one.

    #3: Charming's Sass Master

    mrjuiceortiz / Via

    There are actually quite a few times where Juice is quite the sassy little shit, and we'll get to those in a moment.

    Here you see the club standing in front of the burning bodies of Tig's, well, for lack of a better word "girlfriends".

    I'm starting to think Juice may be the realest one out of the bunch, because he's asking the real questions.

    #4: The Time He Stuck It To The Man

    mrjuiceortiz / Via

    Episode 6x06 was called "Salvage", although a better name would be "Dammit, Juice" since that was the occurring theme here.

    The boys are on a trip for some big convention, when they get pulled over by some crooked cops. Juice is in a funk, and when he's in a funk, it's guaranteed to be a bad day for all. When the crooked cop insults his head tats, he immediately calls him out, and chaos ensues. Juice punches the cop, steals his bike, then jumps from the bike to the van, causing the cops chasing him to crash down a ravine.

    Take that, you filthy animals.

    #5: The Times Juice and Chibs Were Drift Compatible

    mrjuiceortiz / Via

    Sure, Opie and Jax had the show's title of Original Brotp, but the Juice/Chibs brotp was one of the best things about the show. Chibs had Juice under his wing, until he didn't. While he did, though, it was beautiful.

    #6: The Time He Was A Cheeky Little Snot

    mrjuiceortiz / Via

    Snarky Juice=best Juice.

    #7 The Time He Confirmed He's Seen Bobby's Junk

    mrjuiceortiz / Via

    Do we even want to know why he's seen it?

    #8 The Sassmaster Strikes Back

    mrjuiceortiz / Via

    Tara tried to run Juice's (brand new btw) bike down after he was ordered to watch her. However, a broken bike doesn't stop him from doing the job he was given. It does cause him to step a little out of character, though, when he tells her where she can find an obviously cheating Jax.

    #9 Juice+Kids=Heart Eyes


    Side effects may include exploded ovaries. Results may vary.

    #10: The Time He Got VERY Close To An Irishman

    mrjuiceortiz / Via

    Poor Juicy. He was only trying to help save this Irishman's life. Irish lives, but later on in the show, people begin to wish he didn't.

    Juice Ortiz was quite possibly one of the most adorable characters on the show, and for a lot of fans (myself included), he became that character that could do no wrong, even when he did.

    RIP you magnificent creature.

    mrjuiceortiz / Via