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    The Internet's Weirdest Fan Clubs

    Thanks to the internet it is now easier than ever to find people who have interests similar to your own. Some of these interests are worth pursuing (bacon) and others are just plain outdated (Hogan's Heroes). Here's a roundup of some of the strangest fan clubs the internet has to offer. Did I miss any? Add your favorites in the comments!

    • WD-40 Fan Club

      Yes, that's right, WD-40, the water-displacing spray developed in 1953 by Norm Larsen, has a fan club. Things you can do once you join the club: Share your stories, enjoy free, fun downloads, read the eNewsletter, receive an eTip of the week, and much more.

    • Rat Fan Club

      The Rat Fan Club, founded in 1992, focuses on rats as companion animals. For the first 15 years of The Rat Fan Club, founder Debbie “The Rat Lady” published a monthly newsletter, The Rat Report. In June 2007, The Rat Report was discontinued so Debbie would have more time to work on new books, the non-profit Rat Assistance & Teaching Society (RATS), and the campaign to stop the feeding of live animals to reptiles. There are lots of back issues of the Rat Report available for purchase on their website. If you would like to receive a newsletter about rats you can join RATS and receive its quarterly newsletter, the Rat-a-tat Chat.

    • Bacon of the Month Club

      Join the Pig Next Door's Bacon Club and receive a monthly package filled with "premium bacon from one of America's finest bacon artisans." Bacon from the Pig Next Door is expertly cured so that it doesn't shrink in the pan when you cook it the way crummy supermarket bacon does, because, "Less bacon in the pan means less bacon in the tummy. The Pig Next Door doesn't think that's cool."

    • Fabio Fan Club

    • Fabio hasn't been relevant since...well, ever, really, so the most surprising thing about this site is that it was updated as recently as April 2010. If you like looking at Fabio's rippling muscles and golden mane of hair on the cover of your romance novels but don't like'll be right at home here.

    • Jodie Sweetin Fan Club

    • Jodie Sweetin was once known primarily for her role as Stephanie Tanner on Full House in the 90s. More recently, however, she has been better known for her struggle with meth addiction and alcohol abuse. Although the main page of the website was updated as recently as January 2010, the rest of the site is either stuck in the past or simply chooses to gloss over Sweetin's meth-addiction-alcoholism-divorce problems completely.

    • Hogan's Heroes Fan Club

      Hogan's Heroes ran from September 17, 1965 to April 4, 1971 on CBS. The fact that the show aired in a pre-internet age makes the existence of this site (founded in 1996) all the more impressive. If you ever find yourself needing a Hogan's Heroes script, collectible, or the birth and death dates of those involved with the show, rest assured that the Hogan's Heroes Fan Club can provide them for you.

    • Nickelback Fan Club

      Do I need to explain myself?