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The Cast of Jersey Shore 10 Years From Now

Sure, they’re making $10k an episode to three-way kiss grenades and verbally abuse Angelina, but that money isn’t going to last forever; Valtex isn’t cheap! At some point, the Jersey Shore kids are going to need to get real jobs. Here’s what we think they’ll be doing ten years from now. [By @AndrewMCass. Photoshop by me].

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  • Ronnie & Sammi: Divorce Court

  • Snooki: Celebrity Rehab

  • Pauly D: Cast member on Scrappers

  • JWOWW: Spokesperson for Puke Breath Be Gone

  • Angelina: Garbage Woman

  • Vinny: Supreme Court Justice

  • The Situation: President of the United States

    We're all gonna die.