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    The Best and Worst of 4th of July Cakes

    Cakes are a staple of pretty much any celebration. The 4th of July is no different. Here are some people who got their 4th of July cakes right, and some who got them very, very wrong.

    • The 11 Best Cakes:

    • The 11 Worst Cakes:

      At first glance I thought this was either a thong, a jockstrap, or a diagram of patriotic ovaries. Looking closer however, it is the number 4 with fireworks shooting out the top.

    • This cake-maker gets points for technical ability, but loses them for creating something that belongs on Accidental Penis.

    • I guess these people just got lazy. Or ran out of strawberries.

    • The great strawberry shortage strikes again. Although, this cake didn't stand much of a chance with those blueberries that look like rabbit turds in the corner.

    • Note to cakemakers: be careful when choosing the fruit for the "star spangled" portion of your cake.

    • From "I think this is either an umbrella or a pair of scissors. John sees a hand making the peace sign. And to be honest, the fact that all of those are options is oddly impressive."