• The 11 Best Cakes:

  • The 11 Worst Cakes:

    At first glance I thought this was either a thong, a jockstrap, or a diagram of patriotic ovaries. Looking closer however, it is the number 4 with fireworks shooting out the top.

  • This cake-maker gets points for technical ability, but loses them for creating something that belongs on Accidental Penis.

  • I guess these people just got lazy. Or ran out of strawberries.

  • The great strawberry shortage strikes again. Although, this cake didn’t stand much of a chance with those blueberries that look like rabbit turds in the corner.

  • Note to cakemakers: be careful when choosing the fruit for the “star spangled” portion of your cake.

  • From Cakewrecks.com: “I think this is either an umbrella or a pair of scissors. John sees a hand making the peace sign. And to be honest, the fact that all of those are options is oddly impressive.”