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More From That Kid Who Hates Things

At this point, most people have seen Things I Hate by It'sKingsleyBitch. One video was not enough to contain his anger. In some of his best work to date, Kingsley takes on Jimmy John's (or is it Chipotle?), lazy animals at the zoo, creepers on Craigslist, and that daaaamn Cheetah Girl, Kiely Williams.

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  • 1. Bipolar Weather Sandwiches

    "If you're gonna make something hella-fast, you need to make it hella-good and not hella-nasty...because your hella-fast sandwiches are hella-fucking-nasty."

  • 2. Cheetah Girl Gone Wild!

    This one is in response to Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams' music video for her [terrible, terrible abomination of a song, Spectacular.

  • 3. You Disgusting Ancient Man

    This video should be required viewing for anyone new to Craigslist.

  • 4. Wild Animals in Spring

    "Who the fuck puts pigs in a zoo? I don't wanna see no hairy-ass pigs!"

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