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    That’s exactly what my face looked like when I saw her video. Via.

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    via DeviantArt for Lexi Bee’s MySpace drawing contest.

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    DeviantArt user br00t4lmaddie says, “i admire this girl soo much for her uniqueness & individuality.” BuzzFeed user Rebecca E. says, “VOM.”

  • 4.

    This drawing by Louyse represents the middle of the venn diagram between furry fetishists and pony girl fetishists. It’s a good thing I liked Power Rangers as a kid or my childhood would be completely ruined.

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    This drawing is actually pretty good. But why waste your talent on her???

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    This doesn’t have NEARLY enough sparkles. via.

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    Before she was Lexi Bee! she was Lexi Lush…and appealed to a much younger, less talented demographic. via.

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    Ahhhhhhhh! Via.