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Meet Lexi Bee's Fans

Lexi Bee has been famous since 2004 (according to her fans) but in the age of the internet, fame is relative, and as such, most of us were introduced to her last week. I don't know many people who were able to sit through more than 30 seconds of her video, but apparently people do. I sifted through several dozen pages of pink glitter sparkle graphics to find some of the best Lexi Bee tributes her fans have put together.

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    That's exactly what my face looked like when I saw her video. Via.

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    via DeviantArt for Lexi Bee's MySpace drawing contest.

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    DeviantArt user br00t4lmaddie says, "i admire this girl soo much for her uniqueness & individuality." BuzzFeed user Rebecca E. says, "VOM."

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    This drawing by Louyse represents the middle of the venn diagram between furry fetishists and pony girl fetishists. It's a good thing I liked Power Rangers as a kid or my childhood would be completely ruined.

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    This drawing is actually pretty good. But why waste your talent on her???

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    This doesn't have NEARLY enough sparkles. via.

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    Before she was Lexi Bee! she was Lexi Lush...and appealed to a much younger, less talented demographic. via.

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    Ahhhhhhhh! Via.