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Excerpts From Bad Twilight Poetry

It's National Bad Poetry Day! To celebrate, here's a collection of "poetry" straight from the most romantic fandom on earth: Twilight.

  • 1. Dangerous Obsession: "Ode to Edward Cullen" by Melissa J.

    He's 100% obsession, honey. Get your head checked.

  • 2. Cadiz by Felicity H.

    *Porphyrias are a group of rare disorders passed down through families, in which an important part of hemoglobin, called heme, is not made properly. AKA, the sexy genetic blood disorder.

  • 3. Edward by Rebecca Y-H

    Way to blatantly rip off one of the best quotes from Star Trek, jerk.

  • 4. All I Need by Love Is Heartless

    Co-dependency is sooooo romantic.

  • 5. Eternity (from Edward's POV) by Carina

    Spelling, capitalization, and grammar were not this poet's strong suit.

  • 6. Dazzled By You by Alyzeh

    File this under: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

  • 7. Untitled Twilight Poem by Camille L.

    Worst. Pillowtalk. EVER. Jeeze.

  • 8. Edward...Please? by IllBeYourBella

    Hands down, this one is my favorite. From Bella's resigned decision to marry Edward to her self deprication and's just so...deep. It's also totally worth reading in its entirety, for the author's font choices alone. Yes, that's right. Font choices.