Rebecca Darling
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    • Rebecca Darling

      I dislike Megan largely because I could never really get over Don leaving Faye for her (and in such a sudden, totally out of left field, callous way.) Faye was the first (and so far only) totally functional adult relationship we have seen Don have. He was able to be intimate and on par with her in a way that he has not been able to do with Megan even though he has tried — he tried to work side by side with her (obviously that had become something he wanted in a partner) and that failed, and yes he told Megan about Dick, but didn’t anyone else cringe when she TEASED him about it at the beginning of the season? Don is a complex, incredibly sensitive person (yes also a jerk much of the time) and I think he needed someone with a real grasp on the psychology behind his actions like Faye had. He got ready for a real solid relationship through his time with Faye, and then when it got “too real” for his comfort he freaked out and cheated (as per usual.) He used the readiness he’d gained from trusting Faye to then attach himself to someone younger and less challenging, and someone he thought might be a mix of Betty and Faye. Turns out she isn’t that person he had thought she was. Anyway, I know a lot of men in particular like to point out that Faye was not good with children, but I think she would have been fine. She just hadn’t gotten over her insecurity of not having any of her own yet in a time period where that was considered abnormal for women. And I mean… Don has plenty of weirdness and insecurities… her single one should not have been a deal breaker, and it was obvious that what moved him away from Faye was not that, it was that moment when he completely lost control of himself when he told her about Dick. So, yeah. I’m incapable of liking Megan because a) she is a poor fit for Don, b) what the heck? she came out of left field and we didn’t have a chance to bond with her emotionally before she was thrust upon us as such a central character, and c) I just can’t get over Faye. That’s all. I would like her plenty otherwise.

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