Zayn Is Your Favorite Member Of One Direction… Even If You Don’t Think He Is

Every One Direction fan has a favorite, but deep down, every fan has some serious love for Zayn.

1. You all clicked on this, because you’re already familiar with the perfection that is One Direction:

Stop it, you silly/absurdly talented/handsome men.

2. Which means you’re more than familiar with this man:

Hi, Zayn.

3. Are you even REAL? / Via Tumblr

I may have just stared at this .gif for an absurdly long period of time.

4. The way he looks at people must make them feel like they’re the only people in the room:

… I feel that way, and it’s a .gif.

5. *still staring*

A friend of mine put it best: “Zayn is your favorite even when he’s not even really your favorite because HE’S EVEN HARRY’S FAVORITE.”


6. I’m sweating:

7. Zayn’s vocals are almost Mariah status in how amazing they are:

Hit those falsettos, boo.

8. And he’s also an awesome street artist: / Via Tumblr

*shout out to Liam for being cute*

10. The hardest thing to acknowledge is that he’s prettier than you no matter what… / Via Tumblr

If I were Zayn, I would check myself out, too,

12. You’re almost bitter about his hotness and talent… / Via Travel Freak

13. … but then you see him again, and all is well: / Via Tumblr

14. Sleepy Zayn is a cutie: / Via Tumblr

15. As is giggly Zayn:

16. And yes, girl Zayn (again): / Via Tumblr

17. People on Tumblr know what’s up: / Via Tumblr

19. …and so does President Obama:

Yes, I know this isn’t real, but Zayn is probably President Obama’s favorite anyway.

Me too, Sam. Me too.

22. Deep down, you know his beauty and talent combined make him as rare as a beautiful, majestic unicorn: / Via We Heart It

Just Zayin’

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