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    • rebeccac56

      This is so much conjecture and completely taken out of context. I child would not focus on any of these issues, however, if you are a woman looking for a mate some of this is not bad advice. Cinderella learned to be herself, the Prince didn’t care if she was a maid only if the shoe fit! Belle was not kidnapped but she was sequestered but stayed true to her values and made it all work out; she saved him. Snowhite was a survivor because she was a kind person who found good in others. Charming didn’t save her, she saved herself by allowing herself to love despite all the hateful stuff her stepmother did to her. I could go on but needless to say, it’s all about how you choose to see it. Sleeping Beauty is the only truly clueless princess but read the real fairy tale and you’ll learn another lesson.

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