Warren Doesn’t Mention Fiscal Cliff In Speech To Progressive Group

Warren steers clear of Washington’s topic du jour. Instead, she sticks to talking about her consumer protection agency.

Bizuayehu Tesfaye / AP

WASHINGTON — On cable news, one can hardly go two minutes without hearing the phrase “fiscal cliff” uttered.

But Sen-elect Elizabeth Warren, a darling of the left wing who has rarely steered clear of hot-button topics, went 20 minutes without once mentioning the looming austerity crisis.

In a speech to the Midwest Academy on Tuesday night, Warren instead stuck to the economic issue she knows best: The consumer protection agency she helped to create.

She lauded the accomplishment in her remarks, which she delivered to a receptive audience of roughly 100 people.

“Whatever it is that happens going forward, when somebody says to you, ‘You can’t get anything done in Washington, I don’t know why you try, it’s not possible, you can’t get things done,’ I want you just to stop and look back at them and say, ‘consumer agency,’” Warren said.

Since she arrived on Capitol Hill, Warren has been notably shy toward discussing anything controversial — or speaking to the press at all.

When she walked with Sen.-elect Tammy Baldwin past a group of reporters last month, Warren implored Baldwin to “pretend you’re talking to me.”

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