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Rep. Tom Price Is Fine With Karl Rove's New Super PAC

Price, rumored to be weighing a run for Senate, could benefit from Rove's Conservative Victory Project playing in Senate primaries.

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WASHINGTON — If Karl Rove wants to pick winners in Senate primaries, Republican Rep. Tom Price doesn't have a problem with it.

Price, currently considering a run for an open Senate seat in Georgia, hopes Rove's new super PAC, the Conservative Victory project, will prevent general election meltdowns like those Republicans saw last year in states like Missouri and Indiana.

"Republicans ought to be in the majority in the Senate," Price said during a National Review breakfast Thursday. "We have lost seats we shouldn't have lost."

He added, "Clearly we can't continue the same processes we've had in the past."

Rove's new group has struck an early nerve among some conservative Republicans who fear being targeted for their far-right views. The New York Times reported earlier this month that the super PAC has its sights set already on Rep. Steve King in Iowa's emerging Senate primary field.

The group could prove to be a major boon if Price chooses to run for Senate, as Hill chatter suggests he might: in a primary, Price would face off against staunchly conservative Rep. Paul Broun, who has already announced he will run for Senate, and likely other as-of-yet undetermined candidates.

"I have some discomfort with Republican primaries, because they're all family squabbles," Price said.

Price has said he will not decide until this summer whether to seek the seat — but the hypothetical does entice him.

"To have the opportunity to affect positively the processes of the Senate and get things rolling would be a great privilege," he said.

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