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    Elizabeth Warren's Three Lessons For Campaigning

    The senator-elect returns to professor mode in a speech.

    WASHINGTON — Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren took a victory lap on Tuesday night after her commanding victory in Massachusetts' U.S. Senate race, laying out her advice for running a progressive campaign to an adoring crowd of liberal activists.

    "I was up against a popular incumbent who had $10 million in the bank and a nifty pickup truck," Warren told a supportive crowd of roughly 100 people at the annual Midwest Academy Awards, who greeted her with a standing ovation. "That's a pretty formidable combination."

    How did she win? Warren, who has a background in academia, slipped back into professor mode to explain the lessons she learned during her "hard-fought" campaign.

    1. You can run a campaign on the issues.

    2. It's important to explain the vision.

    3. The importance of organizing.