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12 Reasons To Fall In Love With Yourself

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. -Lucille Ball

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1. Your self esteem will sky-rocket / Via

Take the time to write down the positive things about yourself. You are kind. You are a good listener. You have awesome taste in music. You love all things related to sweater/pants hybrids. I guarantee if your positive attributes were used to describe anyone else, you would declare yourself the sprinkles to their cupcake. So why not be your own best friend? You are pretty cool once you get to know you.

2. "Alone time" will become a treat / Via

Enjoy those moments you have to yourself. Being alone gives you the space you need to recharge. You are your best friend, and besties need quality time. Netflix binge without interruption? Score.

3. You will not need others to make you happy

It is no one elses job to make you feel complete. Take control of your life. Your loved ones should add to your happiness not be responsible for creating it.

4. You'll know exactly what you like

Have you ever said " I always wanted to try..." but for whatever reason, did not?

Go ahead and give it a whirl. You might discover something amazing!

5. You will also be aware of your dislikes

.... or you will realize you were trippin'. Either way, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

6. You will feel much more comfortable in your own skin

Being in tune with yourself = Liking the entire package. Your new found confidence will most definitely put a lil' strut in your step.

7. You will be less likely to stay in toxic relationships

You value yourself, your heart and your time. None of those things should be shared with anyone who does not appreciate the sheer awesomeness that is YOU.

8. Comparing yourself to others will be a thing of the past

Your are an individual. You are one of a kind; embrace it! Don't waste time obsessing over anyone's physical appearance, relationship status or achievements. You have a a whole batch of hopes, dreams, and skills all your own. You are not accomplishing any of your own goals if all of your focus is on the lives of others.

9. You will still make mistakes, but you wont beat yourself up about it

Humans have a tendency to screw up from time to time. It happens. Collect yourself, be aware of where you went wrong, and keep it moving. Do not allow yourself to be stuck in the past. Give yourself the opportunity to live in the present and make way for a pleasant future. You would not constantly remind your best friend of that one time they made a bad decision. Why would you do it to yourself? Consider yourself wiser.

10. When you are kind to yourself, you are kinder to others

Be good to yourself. Eat better and exercise. Get a full nights rest. Unplug from the technological noose every once in a while. Give your body what it needs so you can thrive.Bring some positive energy back in your life. Trust me, everyone around you will be grateful.

11. Discover yourself and discover your passion(s)

Remember how much you loved to draw as a kid? Remember when you dreamed of making the world a better place? No? Well, perhaps you have been tied up in pursuing what happiness/success LOOKS like. What you should be doing is figuring out what a "life well lived" means to you. We already discussed exploring your interests, but you should also assess whether or not these are more than just hobbies. Allow yourself the chance to wake up ever day feeling fulfilled. With you on your side, anything is possible.

12. Life is sweeter with a happy "you" in it

Now go on, give yourself a little love... It isn't narcissism; its necessary!

You are so worth it!

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